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The bell rings and Kelly is in fighting stance.

Her opponent is just standing there. Smiling. Awaiting her opponents next move.

Kelly is engaged in combat and expecting the same from her opponent. Her opponent, just doesn’t get in the same fighting stance? She continues to stand there.

JR: “These are mind games, King! It’s all about the mind games when it comes to this mystery woman!”

Flustered, Kelly gets out of her fighting stance. “Your playing games aren’t you?! I’m not playing games! If you just came here to get to ass kicked, then I’m going to give it to you!” Kelly spats. She walks closer to Anna as Anna continues to stand there smiling.

“Tell your master I don’t play mind games. I’m the IC CHAMPION! She’s never going to take this away from me!”

Kelly kicks Anna in her stomach and levels her with a K-2 face first into the mat.


Kelly arms are raised as the referee hands her the title.

“Come get some BITCH!” Kelly yells.

She walks over to the turnbuckle, “I need a mic.” After she’s handed one, “Mystery Woman, I don’t know what kind of games you’re playing… But at Survivor Series… I don’t know where you came from, or what to expect from you, I really don’t know anything about you… I’ve worked too damn hard to give this title up! Come Survivor Series, I’m going to tattoo this ring with your face when I K-2 you!” Kelly drops the mic.

JR: “The best of luck to Kelly as she ventures into the unknown with this mysterious figure!”

King: “Speaking of the Mystery Woman, what about the Angela update you promised last week JR?”

JR: “She’s out of action, King. She suffered kidney damage from those powerbombs and rack attacks last week. But I’m told shes expected to recover and return to the ring soon.”

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  1. Great win for Kelly. She is doing amazing as champion. The mystery women has no chance against Kelly. She can’t stop kelly. I think mystery woman gets turned on by Angela and Anna. And making it easy for Kelly to win

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Angela is out of action for now.
      Anna and Carrie are sort of in a trance blindly following Mystery Woman.
      Kelly’s got her work cut out for her at Survivor S.

      Both women at Survivor Series are hitting major storyline points at the ppv as we progress to the end of the Season, which is at Mania.
      I’ll take a break after Mania before starting up season 3.


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