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If it were up to Margot she’d have an interview with Trish every week on Raw. This was her childhood hero growing up. The fact that she’s wrestling and she gets to interview her is just precious time to Margot. Unfortunately, she has to settle for catching Trish off guard to get interviews. Right now, Trish is at the vending machine getting something. Now’s Margot’s chance to get Trish for a quick question,

“Trish! May I please get a moment of your time before your match tonight? It’s quick.”

Trish knows of Margot’s fandom, and will never say ‘no’ to her. The champion nods quickly while taking a sip of her waterbottle from the vending machine.

“Trish you were hoping to get answers from Stephanie last week but she’s ducking you it looks like. Instead you have a match with both Bellas at Survivor Series! Are you worried about how this will turn out since your facing both Bellas?”

“Margot, I’m not afraid to step in the ring with Bri or Nikki. The way I look at it is this… every week I’m going to hear how the next challenger is going to finally put me in my place. Do you know how many times it’s been already?… I mean seriously?… Paige said she was going to retire me, Torrie was going to first kick my ass and then rub her booty in my face, Ariel thought I was going to hand over my title to her, and now the Bellas want to become ‘Immortal’ and take my title. The thing is, everyone can talk a big game; in fact, some of their talk has been impressive. But make no mistake about it, when we’re in that ring; talking is over… and to make this simple… I’m going to win! I’ve beaten every single person that’s tried to take this title from me. To me, it doesn’t matter if Stephanie wants to make my match a handicap match with Nikki and Bri…”

The champion uses her fingers for quotations, “…I’m sorry, technically it’s a triple threat match… I’m going to Survivor Series and I’m going to beat both Bellas! As far as Stephanie goes, her and I will get our time. I’ll deal with her when the time comes.”

“Thank you, and one of these days I need to have you for a full interview! But until then, I know you have a match tonight against Bri… Good Luck!” Margot quips.

Trish smiles, “When the time comes, Margot. I mean you do owe me a foot rub.”

A blushing Margot backs away from the interview, “Anytime!”

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