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“Ladies and Gentlemen I have an exclusive with one of the finalist from the Elimination Chamber, Alexa Bliss!” Margot excitedly notifies the camera.

Alexa appears on screen for the audience to view from the crowd. She doesn’t look the most enthused to be getting interviewed right now. Maybe it’s because of her coming up short in the big title match at EC. Maybe it’s because her former friend, Lana, seemingly wants to end her career. In a lot of ways, Alexa feels like Mania is going to be therapeutic. It’s been a long time coming. She doesn’t look nearly as upbeat as her interviewer, as she prepares to address Lana’s challenge and the world right now.

As if she feels forced to respond to her, “Hey Margot.” Alexa meekly responds to Margot. She’s had a lot on her mind lately.

“Thank you for giving me this interview Alexa! The world wants to know if you accept Lana’s challenge?!… Well?… do ya? She wants you in an ‘I Quit Match!’”

Alexa looks down at the floor and pauses for a moment, just lost in thought. Alexa has been put in a situation she hasn’t been looking forward to. She’s fought Lana before on television and it was moreover during Lana’s ‘rookie matches.’ It’s time to take Lana to school, one more time.

She then recomposes herself and reaches for Margot’s mic. She takes it into her possession and looks at the camera.

Margot steps aside clearly reacting to Alexa’s aggressive stance.

“Lana, last year, when I had my open challenges. You kept stepping up to challenge me. You walk through the curtain and week after week… I beat you…. Then we became friends…. We became more than friends! We were best friends and we had each other’s back. You then started following Torrie! She corrupted you…. And now you want to tear me apart…. We use to be so close… but If you want to do things this way… then let’s do it!” Alexa emphatically states.

The crowd cheers loudly for Alexa.

“Let’s do it Lana! At WrestleMania, let’s do it! I saw what you did to Torrie Wilson at EC! I’m not afraid of you. You’re confident now and it’s time for the teacher to show you one more lesson. Humility! You want an ‘I Quit Match, honey, you’ve got it!!!” Alexa tosses the mic down on the ground.

JR: “Boy! Alexa just accepted Lana’s big challenge.”

King: “I can’t believe this is what it has come to.”

JR: “Still to come… Kelly Kelly vs. Dolce! & the contract signing between Kelly and Trish!”

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