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Anna Jay is in the ring as we return from commercial. She has a mic in hand. “I hate to do this. But I’m going to have to take a page out of Torrie’s book. But I don’t’ want to wait until WrestleMania! I have a mic in hand and I want a match tonight! Just one match! I want Melina Tonight!”

She begins to speak louder as the crowd drowns her with cheers.

“I don’t know what you want Melina. But let’s settle this already!” Anna Jay demands.

Melina makes her way out, a mic in hand.

“Listen honey, I’ve been waiting for you to challenge me already. I just want you because I need a spot on the card! If I take your rookie ass out! I’m getting more featured than you! Rookie!” Melina finally speaks.

She continues on, “But we’ve waited this long already. Let’s settle it at WrestleMania!”

The crowd boos.

JR: “Looks like this crowd wanted the match tonight!”

Anna Jay speaks into the mic, “You’re ON!!!!”

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