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Scarlett is seated cross legged on a steel chair, one leg on top of the other. She’s actively untying her long black boots in the ring.

Torrie is crawling on the floor. The once glorious diva is on all fours. She doesn’t seem to be aware that she’s on the grand stage. And just lost a very important match. She struggles to get to her feet. She partly wonders why a referee hasn’t helped her to her feet.

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Scarlett has finally stopped undoing the stings on her shoe. She begins unhooking the boot she just wrestled in.

She’s incapable of hiding the glee that she has right now. She’s ready to fulfill her dirty desire right now. fortunately, for her, she didn’t even think for a moment she was going to lose to Torrie tonight.

Finally, the boot has been tossed to the side. Her beautiful naked leg exposed all the way down to her toes.

Like she did to Angelina Love on RAW, she puts her foot around the back of Torrie’s head and guides her head closer to.

Torrie’s like a lost puppy crawling to her younger opponent’s feet.

Torrie looks like she’s come to the realization of what stipulation this match had. Torrie looks like she’s gonna cry as she sits there on her ass looking upward at her opponent, who’s really young enough to be her daughter at this point.

She opens her mouth to cry, hoping that maybe her crying would make Scarlett have mercy on her.

It wasn’t too bright a decision to make.

The youthful woman sitting on her chair shoves her toe into the mouth of the veteran superstar. A humiliating moment as WrestleMania opens to last year’s main-eventer. Scarlett makes sure she gets her moneys worth, and twirls her toe in Torrie’s gorgeous mouth. She’s able to drive Torrie’s head in circular motions using just her single toe.

The crowd is a vicious crowd tonight. Many in the crowd don’t feel ‘sorry’ for Torrie. Instead, they’re laughing at her. Each person in the audience has their hands on either a beer or some popcorn while their other hands are used to rudely point their fingers at Torrie’s humiliating moment. Their ruthlessness can be felt through the cameras. The viewers at home already have a bad feeling about how WrestleMania is already starting off.

Torrie has to get her mind off of what she’s doing right now. She’s sucking this sexy girl’s toe like a pacifier. She needs to get her mind of what she’s doing. She begins to think about how her year’s gone. She lost to Trish last year. Kelly beat her at Clash. Brandi Rhodes then came along and beat her ass. Alexa Bliss kicked her ass. Even Lana humiliated her. This has been the worst year of her career. Now’s she’s down on her knees with a sweaty toe navigating her mouth. Tears begin forming in Torrie’s eyes.

They drip down her cheek and onto Scarlett’s foot.

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Torrie continues to obediently absorb and wrap her tongue around the toe of her the dominant younger woman.

Feeling like Scarlett just took all of Torrie’s dignity. She then steals her toe back from Torrie’s mouth. As Torrie’s mouth hangs open still thinking that she’s still sucking.

Scarlett weakly slaps the once bombshell beauty in the face with her foot.

Torrie tips over like a tree falling in the woods.

The crowd claps as they feel satisfied with the heel losing the match.

Scarlett raises her arms in glory, “Welcome to WRESTLEMANIA! LIVE!”

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      1. Absolutely loss to trish last year pretty much everyone has to, this year after talking so much and now 0 2 at mania she’s still tasting scarlett toes unbelievable


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