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JR: “That’s unfortunately going to be a running theme here, folks. That was brutal for Torrie Wilson!”

King: “Torrie slobbered all over that foot of Scarlett and cried like a baby!”

JR: “Folks, let’s move on from this subject. WrestleMania this year is headlined by two women who’ve been on tremendous journeys and for the first time, they’re going to compete. We’ve all waited a long time for this match and that includes their peers! Trish and Kelly’s peers will be watching the ‘big main event’ and they all have opinions as to who they think is going to win. Some of them are even placing big wagers!

Throughout the evening their peers have recorded prerecorded tapes just before tonight’s big show. In these tapes, each of their peers have put their ‘two cents’ in and have made their own prediction for who’ll win the big match. Up next is the first pre-recorded tape, recorded before tonight’s show, featuring two women who’ll be in action tomorrow night, Angela and Robbie.”

JR and the King fade to black.

The screen opens again to Superstars appearing during Mania weekend.

Angela and Robbie are sitting in a studio like setting. It’s just the two of them and what appears to be a black screen in the background. The person interviewing them is off camera.

“It’s been a long time Robbie, and I’ve missed you so much! But our moment has been years in the making. It’s finally come, we both get to ‘get our hands’ on Carrie. She put me in the hospital when she beat me with a mic…” Angela admits.

Robbie interjects, “and she ended my career.”

Angela continues, “…yep, she did…. And your back for one more night. You don’t have the best history with Carrie. But tonight finally feels like the night we can put this behind us. A long time ago we were rookies fighting the likes of… we’ll… Carrie Underwood! Well… I’m not a rookie anymore. I’ve been around awhile now…. To me it’s black and white… Either I join you and we both finally walk away from this industry… or maybe you and I get some revenge… finally… we’re going to finally be able to close this open chapter in our life…. FINALLY…. It’s over”

Robbie and Angela are very emotional at this time. Tonight’s big match feels like they’re finally coming full circle.

Robbie has had the unfortunate luxury of being in the industry…. then no longer being in the industry…. And then… she’s been able to move on from the industry. After all she needs to make a living. Angela hasn’t had to deal with that.

Robbie hasn’t been able to pursue wrestling after being let go from the WWE. She had to move on to other things after leaving. Robbie isn’t an active wrestler anymore. She needed to get a real job and work.

Robbie is feeling anxious and excited at this time. Despite all her nerves, she has to do right by Angela. Tonight, if Angela doesn’t win,.. she might blame herself if Angela doesn’t win.

After the WWE, there’s a dark period where really, ‘you don’t know’ what to ‘do’ when it’s over. There’s a period of feeling lost, soul searching,… and then, the most painful part, moving onto the ‘real world.’ It’s painful ‘moving on.’ Robbie doesn’t want Angela to feel that pain. She needs to help Angela stay in the WWE!

“We know what it’s like to wait, Ang, and good things come to patient people. We’re gonna win tonight… and everything is going to be,… ‘OK.’ It’s really all about that keyword, ‘patience.’ That’s why I think Kelly is going to dethrone Trish Stratus!” Robbie concludes.

“We’re on the same Paige, Robbie! Good things come to patient people and Kelly’s waited long enough…. Kelly wins tonight!” Angela nods.


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