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She’s in her home, sitting on her couch, looking into the camera. She’s not toying with the audience like some of the other interviewees have been. She looks like she’s thought this through and is putting her two cents out into the world.

Of course, I know who’s going to win this! Blimey! Let me tell you something… you see… you can tell by the eyes…. go on… go back to the tapes and look into their eyes… you see, let me tell you a little something about Trish. When I ruled the WWE, as the champion, I felt like I had no equal. I ran circles around everyone, including Trish. Today, Trish is at that point in her career where I was. She’s getting too comfortable. I was too. Trish then put me down and took MY title. There’s shades of Trish in Kelly. Trish doesn’t know it yet but Kelly is not the scared sheep Trish wants you to think. Kelly is a bull! That bull is going to take Trish out! Trish keeps saying Kelly is scared of her… Trish is in for a rude awakening. Kelly will have Trish’s number. Kelly is on a level that not even Trish understands. Tonight at Mania… Trish will fall. Kelly will rise.”

She gets more serious as she leans into the camera. She wants to make her next statement very clear, “Since Kelly is going to win… see you soon darling. I’m long overdue for a bloody championship rematch that I was never given! I would have love to take back my title from the woman who took it from me… But it’s fine! I’ll just take it from Kelly instead! See you soon darling!”

With a wink of her eye, the final prerecorded tape of the night ends.

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    1. Lol ok I was going to post it later today but I’ll post ending now.

      There’s team Kelly fans and team trish fans and I’m kinda not looking forward to posting the ending because either way ppl won’t like the ending.

      I’ll post the aftermath Monday.

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