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Nikki reaches down and grabs Robbie by her hair. Nikki drags Robbie down the ramp.

Margot immediately runs away.

Nikki tosses Robbie into the ring.

JR: “It looks like we’re seeing Robbie in her final match against a returning Nikki, King.”

Nikki enters the ring as the ref signals for the bell.

Nikki grabs Robbie and shoves her head between her thick muscular legs. Nikki does her signature dance while Robbie’s underneath her.

Nikki lifts Robbie up so that Robbie’s crotch is in Nikki’s face.

Nikki jack-knife powerbombs Robbie’s neck into the mat. Robbie lands folded in half into the mat.

Nikki pins Robbie before Robbie can unfold and holds her down for the count.

King: “Robbie is going out on her back.”






2 Bri applauds from outside the ring.






Nikki has pinned Robbie.

Bri runs into the ring to hug Nikki. Bri gives Robbie the “Loser sign” with her index and thumb.

JR: “They’re acting like Nikki just won the Royal Rumble match!… They just kicked someone while their down! This isn’t anything to be proud of!”

King: “Yea, but they’re rolling JR. Bri and Nikki continue to put more wins on the board.”

JR: “The Bellas are bullys!”

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