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4 Raw Main Event Kelly Kelly & Nikki Bella Vs. Carrie Underwood & Bayleigh

Bayleigh and Kelly start things off in the ring.

Kelly and Bayleigh lock up. Bayleigh with more strength backs Kelly up to Carrie’s corner. The referee gets between them to break up the lock. The ref scolds Bayleigh as Carrie takes advantage of Kelly and chokes Kelly from the corner with a sleeper hold. The ref sees it and gets on her case. Bayleigh then delivers a kick to Kelly’s belly causing her to fold over. Carrie makes the quick tag to Bayleigh and enters the ring. Carrie starts stomping a mud hole on Kelly until Kelly is seated in the corner.

Both women are working Kelly over. Carrie starts using her cowboy boots to choke Kelly on the bottom turnbuckle. Kelly is choking underneath Carrie’s massive boot. The ref counts how long Carries is choking Kelly for and after he hits five he calls for Carrie to release the choke. She abides the ref’s call.

Bayleigh tags back in and runs to one side of the ring and runs back towards Kelly kneeing Kelly in the face. Kelly is dizzy now at this point. Bayleigh then walks on over to Nikki and slaps her across the face.

Nikki livid enters the ring to get some payback for the slap but the ref, rushes over to Nikki to get her out of the ring. The ref feels a bit overwhelmed at this point with all the chaos amongst these women. Carrie and Bayleigh both enter the ring. Kelly is shoved between Bayleigh’s legs as it looks to be the start of a powerbomb. Bayleigh lifts her up and Carrie assists Bayleigh with dunking the powerbomb onto Kelly Kelly. Kelly bounces off the mat from the stiff bomb. Bayleigh makes a cover while Carrie rushes over to knock Nikki down.

The ref notices the cover and stops trying to get Nikki out of the ring.

Nikki notices Carrie approaching her.

The ref starts the count.

Nikki walks towards Carrie, like a terminator that’s not selling. 1… As Carrie rushes Nikki Nikki lifts Carrie up in Spine buster position. 2… Nikki runs while carrying Carrie and delivers a spinebuster onto Bayleigh and Kelly on the floor breaking the pin fall. Carrie rolls out of the ring in pain and to the floor. The ref has lost all control of the match. Bayleigh feeling the effects of the spinebuster from Carrie is groaning in pain. Nikki doesn’t care. She grabs Bayleigh reaching for her hair and grabbing it like it’s a baseball and maneuvers Bayleigh onto her shoulders for the rack attack.

JR: “Nikki is using full strength and force to get her way right now in this match.”

Nikki looks to the audience acting like she doesn’t have a human body on her shoulders and blows her trademark kiss to the audience before leveling Bayleigh with the Rack attack. This time, Nikki felt that crack she’s always looking for as Bayleigh wretches in pain on the floor.
Nikki rolls out of the ring feeling like her work is done and begins walking up the ramp.

JR: “Nikki’s got a match her. Is she really just leaving now? What’s wrong with her!?”

Kelly crawls towards the turnbuckle looking to catch a breather. She notices Carrie entering the ring through the bottom rope.

Kelly loves to take advantage of opportunities when she sees them. She ignores the pain she’s in and rushes over to Carrie and jumps onto her delivering a K-2 to Carrie. Carrie’s out of it now as she just lays there flat on her face. Kelly’s golden’ brown leg still resting over the back of Carrie’s head.

Kelly’s not far from Bayleigh. In fact, she’s doesn’t have to move much from her seated position. She leans back onto the fallen Bayleigh with her legs over Carrie using the women as resting chairs.

JR: “This one is over king.”

The ref makes the three count for this match and its over. The crowd cheers Kelly on as she really uses the bodies as resting chair for her to catch her breath.

Nikki has made it up the ramp already and only turns her head to look back at Kelly. Nikki gives a light smile as if to say your welcome for doing all the work as Raw goes off the air.

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  1. Great match loved. Can’t wait for kelly vs Nikki. Really think kelly is going to beat nikki and go after Paige. That would be one hell of a underdog story line. Love kelly she is amazing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kelly and Nikki have kind of a case of one-up-manship.
      Nikki’s been her usual dominant self and Kelly’s kinda been the scrappy competitor.
      Their both having great runs and either one would be a hell of a match for either Paige or Sasha for the world title.


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