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The crowd is like a light switch. They’re on their feet, excited as Trish exits the entrance through the curtain. Once she’s gone, the masses turn their attention to the center of the ring. They groan in unison at the two women in the ring.

Many of the fans in the audience were once major Kelly fans, until she turned. They worshipped her. The idol they once loved is barely able to get to her feet. The larger than life, demon hovers over the idol. She even giggles, mocking the once-beloved megastar.

The feeling amongst many is that of watching the Old Yellar film. But instead of Travis Coates being civil about the matter and taking Old Yellar behind the shed to put him down; he’s taking the dog to the center stage, before an audience, to finish the job in front of the world.

JR: “If it’s like last year’s Mania, this is going to be a shocking Mania ending.”

King: “I’m in shock and I’m mad. I had money riding on Kelly to win!”

JR: “This isn’t a laughing matter, King! That poor girl, just put on an incredible performance tonight! The fact that she’s being put in this position is just absolutely disheartening!“

King: “Yea… You’re right, JR.”

The beautiful blonde rises to her knees, before the larger woman. She holds her back with one hand. Ashley Graham stands directly in front of her. Her shadow just covers Kelly.

Kelly can’t fight right now. She can barely stand. She’s at Ashley’s mercy right now.

Kelly puts her hands in a prayer like position. Hoping maybe, just maybe… Ashley Graham will look the other way.

“Please Ashley…. You don’t have to do this…” Kelly pleads with the nearly naked woman. “… you can just walk away and nothing has to happen!”

Ashley Graham is quite as she’s looking down on the former IC Champion. A champion that doesn’t even look recognizable anymore; without her pride.

“Please… Ashley, you don’t have to do this.” Kelly motions her hands again at Ashley. A tear formulates and drips down Kelly’s cheek.

I’ve embarrassed myself enough! Please just let me go!

The crowd is sympathetic and begin booing loudly.

“If you get me off the hook now, I can beat her. I know I can! I just needed to K-4 her ass. I just needed…”

As Kelly begs, Ashley turns around, giving the beautiful blonde nothing but her backside and blasts a fart into Kelly’s prayer like position. Kelly’s hands drop down and her head sinks lower from the disrespect.

Ashley finally shows emotion and is unable to hold back the smile that grows on her face.

Kelly backs off, completely disgusted with the blast from her ass and rises to her feet. She stumbles backward toward the corner turnbuckle.

This disrespectful bitch! How dare she!

The bigger woman walks into the smaller blonde, using her frame. Their boobs and stomach touch for a second, as Kelly backs up some more. Ashley continues to walk into Kelly until their in the corner. Kelly’s cornered now with Ashley’s boobs and belly pressed into hers. Kelly has nowhere to go now. Kelly turns her face slightly, not wanting to look into Ashely’s face.

You big fat Ursula! Your pushing your fatness on me!

She whispers into Kelly’s ear, while it’s still turned away from her. Ashley smells hate and fear at the same time from the stunningly gorgeous woman before her.

“Get down!” Ashley is all business as she looks to marry her ass to Kelly’s face. With more aggression in her voice, “Hurry up! My ass is hungry!”

Kelly turns to face Ashley, “Please no… Ashley… please”

Ashley puts one of her bear-claw hands atop the head of the young blonde and shoved her head downward with force.

Kelly’s neck cracks as it gets shoved downward.

“…Please don’t do this!…” Kelly’s pleas continue to fall on deaf ears.

The woman is gorgeous even when she’s crying.

King: “Kelly should keep quiet and just accept what’s coming. Her pride is going up in smoke as it is.”

JR: “It’s really painful to see such a valiant competitor get reduced to this on the biggest show of the year. I hate this stuff, King!”

King: “Yea, I know. But Ashley is not going to ‘let up.”

As Kelly is forcefully lowered against her will, her face rubs against all kinds of humanity.

Ashley presses her tits into Kelly’s face as the submissive blonde falls. She even uses one hand to cradle her face into her boobs while still using the other hand to press her head down.





Kelly’s back is still in pain from the Sharpshooter and STFU. But now her neck is giving her problems from the top of her head.

Once Kelly gets below her breasts. Ashley presses her belly into Kelly’s face even harder. Forcing Kelly to move quickly downward, so she can breathe. She already couldn’t breath from the boobs in her face but now it’s belly.

The dominant woman, catches Kelly’s head between the second turnbuckle and her belly button and just presses into the gorgeous woman’s face.

Kelly momentarily sucks on her belly as she struggles to breath.






Kelly then falls to the mat, in seated position, below the large woman.

Kelly’s mind is hazy as she tries to think.

This is really happening… isn’t it…

Ashley lowers her underwear, “We’re not going to need these, loser!”

The underwear sticks a bit to her ass, before snapping off of her crack. She lowers it to her feet before she kicks her underwear away.

After she gets it off her legs, she rolls up the underwear in her hand. It’s slightly moist from sitting on that chair all night.

Kelly is horrified as she beholds the mighty ass of Ashley. Kelly scared shitless being in this position.

What the hell does she think she’s doing with that underwear!

After the ball of underwear is folded just enough, she shoves it into a horrified Kelly Kelly’s mouth.

Kelly screeches in disgust. She uncontrollably tastes the salty underwear Ashley’s been wearing all night in her mouth. Kelly tastes that moist underwear in her mouth. Her tongue and mouth contributes to soaking the underwear.

Ashley then turns her body around and without much hesitation, she backs her ass up.

She opens the cheeks of her ass just long enough so she can grasp and lock Kelly’s head in.

“Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!” Kelly yells at the top of her lungs. Kelly sees nothing but asshole approaching her perfect face.

Kelly tries to scream but the underwear in her mouth only allows for a muffled dog-like, yelp.

Ashley wraps her ass cheeks around Kelly’s head and locks the gorgeous woman into her ass cheeks.

She begins rocking her ass hard against Kelly’s skull.

Her asshole sucks up Kelly’s nose, almost like it’s grabbing her by the nose. The asshole sucks and tightens it’s hold over Kelly’s nose. Ashley’s asshole doesn’t give Kelly’s face any mercy.

Kelly’s mouth slobbers all over Ashley’s taint.

Ashley unforgivingly grinds her ass as hard as she can. She presses it hard, mutilating Kelly’s pretty face.

Kelly’s hands wrap around the massive ass, tapping it. She can’t escape this massive stinkface. She would rather tap out to this over the STFU from Trish right now.

Her hands begin to fade, as she looses oxygen.Her brain isn’t getting the precious oxygen anymore. Only Ashley’s leftovers.

Kelly can’t breathe anymore. She can only inhale ass from Ashley’s butthole and her mouth is full of wed underwear. She gets a stinkface that’s worse than Torrie Wilson, last year. Ashley Graham shows no Mercy whatsoever.

Kelly’s tongue has ran all over the underwear already. She’s struggling to not choke on them.

“This is FOR NOT!!!!!!!! Giving me Trish Stratus, tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ashley nonchalantly sings.

She then squats some more into Kelly’s face, knowing full well that her asshole is eating Kelly’s nose.

She blasts a fart into the nose Kelly.

Kelly rocks backward from the aggressive assault.

Her arms gave out. They rock back. Absolutely accepting the behemoth’s ass into her face.

The oxygen she wasn’t getting to her brain is now full of facies, as Ashley Graham let’s loose a burrito she ate earlier into Kelly’s brain cells.

Kelly passes out.

Ashley rubs her ass just enough so that cameras can get an excellent shot of Kelly’s lips now around the big woman’s asshole. Kelly’s face can finally be seen by the cameras.

Ashley lifts her ass off of Kelly’s face.

She tumbles off the bottom turnbuckle and lands flat on her back.

Ashley looks to the camera.






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      1. Yea I wanna write again.
        I like having a direction to where I want to get to by the end of the season.
        Any characters u looking forward to most?

        And that sucks no posts. :/ I like checking them out


      2. Who are the women on the show lol, yeah it s just a lot some time s to deal with


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