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Raw 1.4 Kelly Kelly Vs. Carrie Underwood

Kelly Kelly is in the ring with Carrie. They shake hands before the match. A nice show of respect between the two. The crowd seems to be more on Carrie’s side than Kelly’s as Carrie fans begin to get louder than the Kelly fans. Kelly is wearing her gold two-piece outfit while Carrie is in white tank top and blue jeans.

They lock up. Kelly knees Carrie in the gut. Carries doubles over. Kelly delivers a club to the back of Carrie dropping Carrie down to one knee before Kelly. Kelly sees an opportunity here as she’s already has Carrie in a position for a K2 right before. Not one to let an opportunity go by Kelly lifts up her golden-brown legs and rests one leg over the back of Carries neck and the other leg stretched out ahead of her. Her bent leg locks around the back of Carrie’s head as she uses the weight of her body now to level Carrie face first into the canvas smashing Carrie’s face with her K2. Crowd reacts with a surprising “OOOOOOHHHHHH” sound. Kelly moves quick to push Carrie onto her back and hook the leg of Carrie. 1… Carries eyes are closed as she lays motionless in the ring, arms stretched out on the floor 2… Kelly hoping for that three count… and it’s a 3. Kelly wins this one. Kelly is jumping around the ring in celebration. This one can be considered a squash. Carrie didn’t get any offense in.

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  1. Poor Carrie I hope she can turn it around next time always a fan favourite where ever she goes . Kelly Kelly complete domination


      1. Yes Carrie is an authentic good girl easy to root for . Yes Kelly did poor Carrie


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