Raw 1.6 Trish Stratus Vs. Sasha Banks

Trish makes her way down the ramp for her match against Sasha. The crowd is going nuts as they’re happy to see Trish back. A Stratus chant can be heard starting up. Trish is in all black ready for battle. Trish is in the ring showing some cleavage. One has to wonder how she’ll hold up in the ring in this day and age against some of the hottest women on the roster.

Sasha music echoes through the arena. Trish is eying the entrance ramp for her opponent. Trish is feeling good about her match against Sasha.

Sasha hasn’t come out. Her music restarts and she doesn’t come out.

Trish looks on puzzled.

Sasha music plays again and out comes… Paige?

 Paige: “Well it doesn’t look like Sasha’s coming out huh Trish. Well Trish it looks like you win by forfeit.” The crowd boos. “It’s gonna be Paige vs Trish at Extreme Rules. See you soon you old wench.” Paige’s music plays as she heads to the back. Trish looks on. Inaudibly yelling “what did you do with Sasha?” as we go off the air.

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  1. Well the champ showing the roster she is the star of the show. Even though she’s not in the main event it’s all about her. Poor Sasha didn’t get a shot but Trish Stratus does which will be absolutely spectacular match up Trish baby face vs Paige heel . The most popular diva vs the anti diva . Money match can’t wait.


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