RAW #1

Welcome to Monday night Raw and we are on the road to WWE SummerSlam coming from the city of Chicago WWE World Champ Paige has just entered the ring. She’s wearing her blue jeans, a leather jacket and black shirt underneath.

“So last night at Extreme Rules another one bit the dust. You all thought she was the chosen one who was going to finally take my championship!” she pauses for a moment as the crowd boos. “and why!!!??? Because she thinks she’s a vampire? Oh, she must have powers of course, she was going to beat me and suck my blood and make me one of the undead!” “the only thing that ended up dying last night was her career as I shut the door on her casket in that casket match last night” the crowd boos her. Paige looks directly at the camera, “Let me tell you all something I’m going to be your champion and there is no bitch in the back who can stop me. Not now, not then, or ever!” So, I might as well skip whatever the hell the next ppv is so I can avoid embarrassing th…

Sasha Banks comes out onto the stage. She’s wearing her usual wrestling attire.

Sasha: Paige enough, I’m so sick of you! I hate you and someone needs to shut you up.

Paige: Oh, you again you want me to humiliate you like I did last time, Paige says with a smile. You want me to put you down with another PTO little one?

Sasha: Paige, you’re a fighting champion aren’t you. why are you afrai…

Paige: I don’t want to be just giving you title matches Sasha I want something in return if you want a piece of this again, it really does get old honestly. You need to give me something I want.

Sasha: What do you want? It really doesn’t matter what it is because I’m taking that title off your waste.

Paige: Since we’re talking about stripping me down that’s kinda actually what I was getting at darling.

Sasha looks on confused.

Paige: I want to employ you Sasha. (pause) I don’t want you to be coming out here like you’re the boss. I mean really, it’s silly at this point, because you’re not. I want you to be my little employee. I want you to submit to me Sasha. I want you to sign your life away to me not if I pin you in our next match. No, it has to be worse. But if I make you tap it’ll show you and the world your submitting to me. You’re my BITCH! I want to humiliate you; Paige flashes a coy smile as she delivers that last line.

Sasha looks on disgusted.

Sasha: Paige I come out here the way I am and I’m the BOSS! Let’s do it! Crowd erupts in cheers. A referee comes running out with a contract in hand and gives it to Paige to sign.

Paige signs as she stares down Sasha who remains on the stage. Paige is confident. She knows she’s got Sasha’s number.

A slight look of worry flashes across Sasha’s face. Sasha can’t help herself. She begins to second guess herself as she knows that the referee is going to be coming back up the ramp to retrieve her signature. Paige smiles as she signs, Sasha feels weak at the knees. She feels a sinking feeling in her stomach. What the heck is she signing up for. Sasha is wishing inside she didn’t come out now. But she needs to be strong before the crowd. The referee now with Paige’s signature comes running up towards Sasha. Sasha is still trying to show confidence on the outside. Sasha straightens up. Paige leans on the top rope looking eagerly at Sasha next move. The referee hands Sasha the paper and pen for her to sign.

A familiar giggle echoes throughout the arena. The crowd erupts as they know the exactly who it is.

Trish Stratus comes out behind Sasha. The crowd is deafening as everyone is excited to see her. Sasha is excited too. She steps aside as she gives Trish her mic. Trish is in all black.

Paige looks on clearly bothered by Trish’s interruption.

Trish: Hi Paige, I’m not sure if you’ve heard but my name is Trish Stratus. Crowd is going crazy as they try to get a Stratus chant going. Trish continues, I couldn’t help but hear what you were saying earlier about saying that no one can take that title off you. not even anyone “then”.

Paige: You’re a relic Trish but if you want to step in the ring with me, you’ll be the ultimate trophy I add to my list of women who’ve fallen to me. You’re the queen of the hayday and I would love to put you on my list.

Trish: Trish in full confidence mode, “Put me on that list Paige… I mean give it your best shot… I want you at SummerSlam! And I want that title.”

Paige: I think you’re a bit rusty Trish. Prove yourself tonight and I’ll give you the title shot, no questions asked. Beat Sasha tonight and you got it. Sorry Sasha as much as I want to employ you, I want to take out the so called best.

Sasha smile turns from all smiles to serious. As she walks up to Trish. It’s on. Sasha faces Trish. Looks like its me and you tonight as they face off.

Paige looks on. Eager to get her hands-on Trish.

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  1. Love heel Paige, she seems more hardcore as a villain. Sasha talks a big game let’s see if she can back it up ms. Boss. Trish is Trish a beloved performer by the fans and always leave so it all in the ring. Nice dynamic with these 3 confident female s


      1. Yes, Paige being bada$$ villain while Sasha talks a lot but has done nothing yet, Trish doesn’t want to talk just wants to beat these newbies


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