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Raw 1.2 – Bayleigh Vs. Nikki

Bayleigh is in a gold swuimsuit while Nikki is in her usual red baseball like shirt and booty shorts. The two women lock up. Nikki backs Bayleigh up to the corner. The ref gets between them and Nikki has to break. Bayleigh takes advantage and takes a cheap shot at Nikki. Nikki backs up from the shot with her back facing Bayleigh. Bayleigh runs behind Nikki and grabs her head and puts her down with a running bulldog. Nikki bounces off the mat. Bayleigh taunts the crowd. Bayleigh lifts Nikki up by the head and Nicki gives Bayleigh a right hand to the face. Another right hand to the face. Another right hand and this time Bayleigh is up against the ropes. Nikki runs forward and uses her momentum to whip Bayleigh to the other side of the ring and as Bayleigh comes running back Nikki lifts her up and delivers a thunderous spine buster to Bayleigh knocking the wind out of her. The crowd is reacting nicely to this as Nikki plays to the crowd. Nikki rips her baseball shirt off and shows more cleavage as she’s feeling the energy from the crowd. Bayleigh is struggling to get up as Nikki is sizing her up. Bayleigh is up and Nikki picks up Bayleigh setting her up for what looks like a rack attack. Nikki blows a kiss to the camera as she falls to her knees giving Bayleigh a stiff rack attack. Bayleigh lands hard wrentching in pain. Nikki launches herself onto the fallen Bayleigh and pins Bayleighs pinning her hands down with her hands and using the rest of her body to cover Bayleigh down. As the ref makes the three count Nicki lowers her breasts lower and lower onto Bayleigh’s face. The crowd starts to do the goodbye wave saying goodbye to Bayleigh as they know this means Bayleigh face is on it’s way to disappearing between Nikki’s breasts. 1..2.. Bayleigh’s face at this point is enveloped between Nikki’s breasts. She ain’t getting up as the ref hits the mat for the final count 3! And its over. Nikki is satisfied as she rests her body over Bayleigh. Their tummy’s smoothly against each other’s. Nikki’s leg falls off of Bayleigh’s leg to get more comfortable. She leans her privates into Bayleigh’s privates. Stay out of my ring girl. She uses her boobs to slap Bayleigh and lifts up off of Bayleigh to celebrate.

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  1. Nikki Bella rack just might be unbeatable. Bayleigh got owned. I worried how Bayleigh s rival Angela would do against Nikki.


      1. Sweet can’t wait to see Angela in action on your pAge , Nikki has unbelievable potential


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