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*Recorded before N1

Brandi is seen getting ready for her match. She’s in her locker room tying her boots.

“You want to know who I think is going to win, huh?”

Brandi’s smile can light a room, she melts the camera with her warmth.

“I should probably tell you about my history with both women first…. I’ve had my battles with Kelly…. Never one on one, though…. She eliminated me in the Royal Rumble match. That’s my worst defeat I’ve ever had. That Rumble match was really important to me. Kelly completely shattered my WrestleMania dreams that night. But what can I say? The better woman won.”

Brandi stops tying one of her boots and starts working on the other.

“The extent of my time with Trish has been when I crushed her skull with a steel chair that one time… and when she beat Ariel at Elimination Chamber last year. My mind says I have to say Kelly will beat Trish…”

Brandi stops tying her boots.

“But I’m going to go with my heart on this one. Have you seen my finishing moves? I use the ‘Stratusfaction’, I use the ‘chick kick’ to win my matches. I’m still a fan of hers. She had a lot of influence on my career. That’s why I say Trish is gonna beat Kelly… Kelly’s going to eat ass tonight. And once I become IC Champ, I’m coming for the WWE championship. I’m coming after Trish!”

Brandi stops tying her boots and walks off the frame.

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