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Both women are in the ring for this next match. Both are eager to get the match started as the ref tries to get both women to calm down before their match. The ref is rather eager to get this match started so that they can just ‘have at-it’ already.

“You’re kissing my ass tonight BRANDI!” Torrie yells.

Brandi is yelling back, “I should be in the IC Title match tonight! Its you that stopped me!!!”

JR: “Tension is through the roof right now as these two competitors await the bell.”

The bell rings and the match is underway.

Both women charge each other.

Brandi is in the air as she charges a charging Torrie. She slides her body into Torrie’s for a Lou Thes Press.

Brandi begins leveling Torrie with right hands, the way Austin use to pound away at his opponents during these collisions.

After Brandi delivers enough punches that the ref has to request she stop. She runs the ropes and back towards the ‘Mania Main-Eventer’ and drops her elbow into the cold heart of Torrie.

Torrie rolls over gasping for air from that big elbow.

Brandi shoves Torrie between her legs and begins setting her up for a pedigree. “You thought I was playing with you!!! I said I was going to whoop your ass!!!!”

Brandi pedigrees the ‘great blonde diva’ in the center of the ring. Torrie’s pretty face smashing into the canvas. Torrie’s boobs smash first into the canvas as she’s now in a world of hurt.

King: “Brandi is charged-up!”

The up-and-comer covers Torrie.

The ref makes the count, 1…… 2….

At the last moment Brandi lifts a motionless Torrie off the canvas by her hair.

JR: “Torrie looks out of it.”

“Where’s that stinkface Torrie!!” Brandi yells in the model’s face.

Brandi drags a defeated Ms. Wilson to her feet and signals to the audience that it’s time for Stratusfaction.

Brandi runs the ropes and connects in a big way.

Brandi’s opponents’ face and boobs scrape all over the ring as Torrie now just rests on the canvas. Torrie’s mouth hangs open as she doesn’t seem to be awake anymore.

Brandi kicks her beaten foe onto her back and rests her boot between Torrie’s breasts.

The ref makes the count and this one is over.

Here is your winner Brandi Rhodes!

King: “This JR is the epidemy of a squash!”

Brandi looks to the camera, “I’ll be watching the IC Title match!”

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  1. Torrie got her butt handed to her. Great win for brandi. But she shouldn’t be looking at Kelly. She is on a roll right now and she doesn’t want to get in the middle of that. She used Trish finisher. Maybe it leads to her and Trish feuding

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She had her heart set on winning gold and the next step for her was that IC title.
      But her against Trish is something I’ve been wanting to get to. It’s kinda bound to happen. I haven’t figured out when yet.


      1. I think brandi and Trish would be a nice story considering brandi is using Trish finishing moves. I would like to read that story

        Liked by 1 person

      2. They’re all this week.
        Kelly’s next. She’s up against Alexa and Lacey
        Angela and Anna and Carrie and mystery girl are in the cell afterwards.
        Then Trish meets Nikki in the main event.


      1. Torrie was never dominant before.
        She kinda has always been at the right place at the right time.
        The only dominant win I think she had was against Alexa bliss
        She’s been in the ring with some of the toughest women lately and she’s been slipping.
        Mania was her turning point.

        Liked by 1 person

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