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Raw 2.2 – Kelly Kelly Vs. Bayleigh

Kelly is in a pink swimsuit and Bayleigh is in a green swimsuit.

They lock up. Kelly knees Bayleigh in the gut (hoping to get a quick win like last week), Bayleigh drops to one knee. But Bayleigh is quick to knock Kelly down and swipes her legs with her arms. Kelly falls down on her back. Bayleigh lifts Kelly’s legs up and turns Kelly around and puts her into the Boston crab. Kelly is yelling in pain as Bayleigh stretches Kelly.

Kelly lifts herself up and crawls to the bottom rope. Baleigh lets go of Kelly and stomps away at Kelly. Kelly is down on the mat in the fetal position trying to protect herself. Baleigh looks to the turnbuckle. She heads to the turnbuckle and begins climbing the turnbuckle. Bayleigh is taking  big risk here folks and if she can connect here it’ll pay dividends. Bayleigh reaches the top rope. Kelly is still down. Baleigh still feeling confident launches off the top rope and looks to connect with an elbow drop. Kelly moves out of the way just in time. Baleigh lands hard. Baleigh begins trying to get up holding her arm as she tries to rebound from her launch. She needs to get back into this. Kelly uses the ropes to lift herself up. Kelly uses the rope and rushes it towards Baleigh who is still trying to rise up. Kelly launches in the air and wraps her brown legs around Baleigh and connects with a K2. Bayleigh bounces off the mat and flips onto her back from the move. Crowd cheers as Kellys clutches at her sides where she was kicked and makes the cover. Not enough in her to raise Bayleigh’s leg as she just leans on bayleigh with her head. 1… 2…3! And Kelly takes this home. Kelly rolls out of the ring as the ref rushes to her to raise one arm while she clutches at her side. Kelly flashes her beautiful smile as she picks up a second win in two weeks.

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    1. Kelly has been an opportunist. She been in situation where her opponent is just always in a prime position for a k2.
      Her move is kinda like an rko it can come very easily.


    1. Yea, jelly might have gotten lucky in that bout. Bayleigh might have just made a mistake and because of that given jelly the win.

      So far do you have a favorite segment?
      Carrie will face Nikki later on. Predictions?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Favorite segment i like them all so far can’t pick just one. Carrie got destroyed last time probably more of the same this time against a hot Nikki who already squashed one woman


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