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Raw 2.3 Trish Stratus & Margot Robbie Backstage?

Robbie can be seen entering the Trish’s locker room. Trish is doing her stretches when Robbie approaches. Robbie is excited to meet Trish.
Robbie: “Trish the world was shocked by your return last week everyone wants to know what brings you back.”

Trish smiles to answer the question. There’s more wrinkles on her but that’s just how aging goes. Trish: “Well the women of today are a different breed than when I wrestled. Some might say they’re a bit more competitive than the women I fought back in the day. Well… with today’s movement in women’s wrestling I just couldn’t sit at home anymore watching these women create such great moments. Paige is a hell of an athlete and if I can get a taste of today’s movement and just compete one more time with the best and prove that my generation of divas can hang with today’s women then I think my comeback will be what I hope it lives up to.”

Robbie: “Any thoughts on Torrie Wilson’s return. She looks amazing right?” Robbie says excitingly.

Trish: “Yes, Wow! Right?! Torrie looks great! I don’t know how she cheated father time or if he just forgot about her. As far as what she said about her desire to get her ass to kiss my face that ain’t happening. I’m not returning to this business to get someone’s ass shoved in my face, sorry honey but your comeback quest isn’t getting met.”

Robbie: “Sorry i’m all over the place here. You’re thoughts on Sasha?” Robbie is excited to chat with Trish. This has been her idol growing up and to have this time to engage her really throws her off her game.

Trish in serious mode: “I was looking forward to our match last week. It’s a real shame it didn’t get to happen. I don’t know if Paige had anything to do with it. But I’m just like you Robbie I don’t know what’s going on with her and I hope we see her soon. She’s one of the women I love been wanting to get in the ring with.”

Robbie: I’m such a big fan of yours. Thank you so much for your time :D.”

Trish nods in approval. Trish: “sure don’t mention it ;)”

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  1. Trish Stratus so sweet in this interview let’s see if she can turn it up in the ring


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