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Raw 2.4 Carrie Underwood Vs. Nikki Bella

Nikki Vs. Carrie is next.

Nikki in her usual baseball attire in all red and Carrie’s in her blue jeans and tanktop.

Nikki extends her hand out to do a test of strength with Carrie. To which Carrie responds equally to. They test strength. Nikki uses her body to impose herself onto Carrie. Carrie drops to one knee as Nikki imposes her strength onto Carrie. Nikki knees Carrie in the jaw. Nikki lets go of the test of strength match she just had with Carrie. Carrie is down right now. Nikki circles Carrie and gets behind her. From Carrie’s seated position Nikki uses her strength to deliver a devasting snap german suplex. Carrie lands hard on the back of her neck.

Camera guy gets a close up on Nikki getting her hair out of her face. She has a serious look on her face as she’s all business tonight. Nikki sits there looking to the crowd. Nikki slaps the mat with her hand as she gets to her feet to see Carrie still down like a slinky folded over. Nikki starts to realize that she took Carrie too seriously tonight. She wants to have a little fun with this country sensation now. Carrie rolls over onto her knees. Obviously rocked by that german suplex. Ross, “I don’t think Carrie knows where she is folks.”

Nikki grabs the back of Carrie’s head and starts her booty dance gyrating her crotch against the country super star’s face adding insult to injury as Nikki plays to the crowd. A big devious smile on her face as she enjoys herself. In her mind her theme music is playing and she’s use the heavy drum beat of the music to rock her body. America’s sweet heart is getting her face helplessly pushed upon. Nikki’s showing off her curvy body so that Carrie has the best seat in the house (just not from Carrie’s POV but many would unanimously disagree). There’s an aroma to Nikki’s crotch that Carrie has no choice but to inhale. U fortunately for Carrie it’s her source of oxygen at the moment. Carrie is still dizzy from that German suplex and Nikki is coddling Carrie’s head against her crotch as Nikki continues holding Carries head in place so she can continue humping her. Nikki’s knows the crowd likes Carries good girl image and it’s getting desecrated. The crowd begins to boo Nikki. Nikki doesn’t care.

Nikki is done having fun with Carrie and lifts Carrie up onto her shoulders for the rack attack. Nikki looks to the camera and blows a kiss to the camera. Nikki falls to her knees feeling Carrie’s spine crack on her shoulders from the Rack attack. Carrie screams in pain on the ground.

Nikki puts both her hands over Carrie’s mouth and holds her head viciously down as she has Carrie pinned down against the mat.

The ref is quick to make the pin doing a quick 1…2… and 3. To get Nikki off of her. The crowd boos Nikki. They didn’t like how uncomfortable that was.  

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      1. I think Carrie turns to turn things around against the ice queen Angela, Nikki I see going for the winner or loser of Trish vs Paige

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      2. I think Paige dominates in her championship defense maybe two rampaige ddt s and Trish is in dream land or more like nightmare land


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