S2 1.5 Main Event RAW Brandi vs. Nikki Vs Torrie vs. Carrie

JR: Nicki is an angry powerhouse! She’s going to be a wrecking ball in this match!” King: Torrie is a Mania Main Eventer! She was undefeated until mania!” JR: Brandi is a rising star! She’s been on fire for quite some time now! King: “Carrie sucks!” The bell rings and the match is underway. Brandi […]

The End of Season One: Mania Aftermath

Torrie Wilson begins getting to her feet as she tends to her back. “Ashley I really don’t need this.” Torrie begins walking away, “Trish forfeited the stinkface… I’m done with this night…” Torrie limps away. “…I’ve already been humiliated enough.” Ashley reaches her ‘bear claw-like’ hand upward and grasps the throat of exhausted woman. Normally […]

WrestleMania Intercontinental Championship Match III Kelly Kelly Vs. Nikki Bella Last Woman Standing Match

Nikki Bella and Kelly Kelly are in the ring. Ring announcements are done. “The winner of this match will be crowned the first ever Intercontinental Champion!” Ariande makes in ring introductions. Kelly is drinking a bottle of water as she’s in the ring. She’s still recovering from last night’s Mania bout. “The two challengers are […]

WrestleMania: Kelly Vs. Bellas 2/3 Falls Part II

Back in the ring, Nikki has already left with being up 1-0. Kelly is recuperating in the ring. She’s drinking a water bottle as trainers check to see if she wants to continue. JR: “Kelly’s using this time to get some much needed h2o into her system for her next battle.” The bass beats play […]

WrestleMania Brandi Rhodes Interview & Bonus Carrie Update

On the interview set Brandi is talking with Margot before going live. Margot begins addressing the live camera, “I’ll be trying to get the inside scoop throughout this historic night folks and I’m fortunate enough to get a hold of the very busy Brandi Rhodes!…” The crowd cheers Brandi. “…Brandi tonight you’re stepping into the […]

WrestleMania: Intercontinental Championship Match Bellas Vs. Kelly 2/3 Falls

Kelly Kelly makes her way out to a great reaction from the live audience. JR: “Ladies and Gentleman, we are sold out tonight! We weren’t sure if there will be a crowd tonight but tonight the crowd came in droves and they’ll be treated to the mega match-up between Kelly Kelly and a member of […]

Tale of the Tape: Bellas, Kelly Kelly

KELLY AND NIKKI ROLL THROUGH THE COMPETITION Raw 1.4 Kelly Kelly Vs. Carrie Underwood https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/06/raw-1-4-kelly-kelly-vs-carrie-underwood/ Raw 1.2 – Bayleigh Vs. Nikki https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/06/raw-1-2-bayleigh-vs-nikki/ Raw 2.2 – Kelly Kelly Vs. Bayleigh https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/09/raw-2-2-kelly-kelly-vs-bayleigh/ Raw 2.4 Carrie Underwood Vs. Nikki Bella https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/11/raw-2-4-carrie-underwood-vs-nikki-bella/ COMPETITION GETS FIERCE SummerSlam 3.1 Earlier in the Evening https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/17/summerslam-3-1-earlier-in-the-evening/ 3.5 SummerSLam Backstage with Kelly & Margot […]

18 RAW Bella Army Down by One

The Bellas are backstage with mics in hand. Nikki: “Sis, did Kelly really just challenge us to a match at mania?” Bri: “No way?! She can’t be that stupid right?” Nikki: “Well I just saw her pretending to be tough around Margot in a gym lol!” Bri: “If she wants to go?… let’s both whoop […]

18 RAW Kelly Kelly Issues Mania Challenge

Kelly is in the gym in the middle of a workout when Margot is standing right by her. Margot: “Kelly we’re on!” Kelly is doing pull-ups when she hears her name requested. The camera gets a shot of Kelly’s back muscles as she releases the pull up bar and heads to Margot. Kelly drops down […]

Royal Rumble III

Current Participants in the ring, 1.) Ashley 2.) Carrie 9.) Candice 11.) Kelly 15.) Nikki 18.) Alexa Bliss 19.) Alexis Texas 20.) Carmella Kelly and Nikki are actually working together to battle Ashley. Candice and Alexa are fighting. Alexis Texas and Carmella are fighting Carrie sneaks up behind Alexis Texas and assists Carmella in eliminating […]

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