3.1 RAW Paige & Trish Stratus

Paige comes out to the ring. Welcome to Raw and yes ladies and gentlemen. Just like last month, another one bit the dust. This time it was your old school hero. The one you thought that had my number. The champion of yesteryear. Paige walks around the ring like she owns it. Paige is all smiles. Paige soaks in the boos. Like I said before no woman PAST, present, or future can take this from me. I’m the anti-diva and I’m the one you should all be worshiping now. I beat the best.

Trish comes out wearing a neck brace. The crowd looks on at Trish likes she’s gone crazy to be out here after last night’s quick finish and with a neck brace. Trish is passionate right now.

Trish: Paige! I want a rematch and I want it tonight! Trish has the look of anger in her face. You could tell Trish hasn’t been able to sleep because of the embarrassment of last night.

Paige: Trish darling look at you. You’re in a friggin neck brace. As much as I want to take your legacy and eat it up, I don’t want to paralyze you. I mean, I humiliated you last night. I beat you in what two moves lol.

Trish: still fuming, my history with this company should give me the title rematch. After all I’ve done for this business, I deserve to get a rematch tonight!

Paige: Trish, as much as I hate to say this but your right. Your history is something not even I can deny. Trish I’ll give you the match tonight because I know it’s gonna be just as easy as last night and I’ll get to humiliate the best some more tonight. I’m going to make your legacy worthless. But make no mistake about this. You’re in my world now. You can’t be just coming out here getting title matches. I’m now in charge and you play by my rules! This is MY HOUSE!

Paige drops the mic and heads towards Trish.

Paige walks with confidence as she doesn’t fear Trish and wants to disrespect her some more.

Trish looks on as Paige walks up the ramp. Trish drops her mic and walks towards Paige as they inaudibly talk trash to each other as they approach each other.

Here we go we might get an early preview of later tonight.

Trish is first to throw a right hand at Paige landing one on Paige’s face. Paige responds with a right hand right back to Trish’s face, Trish stumbles backward a few steps. Paige then delivers another right hand to Trish’s face and another as she backs Trish up to the Tron. Paige grabs Trish by the back of her neck brace and throws Trish face first into the metal Tron. Trish bounces off the Tron and falls flat on her back. Paige is done with Trish at this point.

Paige: My HOUSE HONEY! As Paige walks off with her championship and Trish is on the floor clutching her head.

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