5 Clash of Champions Trish Stratus Backstage

Trish is in her locker room she’s doing a round of stretching before her big match tonight. A million things are running through her head right now. ‘Is she going to ruin her legacy tonight?’ ‘Can her career still get that storybook ending by beating Torrie and proving she’s still as good as she use to be?’ ‘What could Torrie have in store if she does beat her tonight?’ Will her face be eaten tonight by Torrie’s cheeks?’ Another thing about Trish Stratus is that she’s hated stinkfaces. The one time she did receive it in the past was the worst moment of her career. For Torrie tonight to end her career in between Torrie’s ass cheeks would be utter humiliation.

The lights in her locker room begin to flicker. Trish stops her stretches confused by the lighting in the room. Ariel shows up right behind Trish with a wicked smile on her face.

Trish didn’t see Ariel coming and is spooked. Trish frantic, “Oh my God! Ariel you scared the hell out of me! What are you doing in my locker room?”

Ariel replies creepily as ever, “I just wanted to look you over and meet the great Trish Stratus. But she’s not so great anymore, is she Trish?… She lives in fear now…” Ariel creeps closer to Trish as a worried Trish backs up away from her. Trish is shaken by Ariel now. Trish has a worried look on her face as Ariel continues moving in on Trish, “Trish you don’t want the legacy you’ve worked so hard for to be humiliated. What worse a way to ruin your legacy than for your face to suffer a gruesome ass smothering!”

Trish has a chair behind her and sits in her seat because of how close Ariel’s face is getting to Trish’s face. As Ariel continues closing in on Trish’s face. Trish backs up her head as much as she can until the lights flicker again. Ariel is gone.

Trish is affected by what Ariel had said. Trish didn’t even fight back with Ariel and let her just mentally get in her head. Trish sits there wondering.

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