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(In bold are the continuing lines from the last segment)

Aftermath Lana sneaks up behind Brandi Rhodes and tosses her over the top rope, eliminating her.

Lana wins!

JR: “Lana Wins!”

King; “Stephanie just fired her gun and gave Lana a head start in the race to WrestleMania!”

Brandi has been escorted out by referees. She didn’t put up a fight in her exit. She walks away defeated. But thinking about the IC Championship. She’s not confident she’s going to win the Royal Rumble with being Number 1 or 2. She’s focusing on the IC title now. She’s setting her sights on Dolce now.

Kelly is still laid out from the chick kick as referees check on her.

Lana is in utter shock. This is by far, the biggest win of her career. This is a win that not even a over-confident Lana would have bet money on. Her gloomy attitude earlier in the evening has completely turned upside down. She’s celebrating in the ring.

JR: “Lana has crushed the Battle Royal. Can she go ‘all the way?’ If she can beat Trish Stratus at the Royal Rumble it’ll be monumental!”

Lacey and company surround the ring. They enter the ring like the Shield.

“You Ugly People! You’re coming back for more?!” Lana exclaims. The Ugly People won’t tarnish this moment. Over her dead body.

Suddenly, it dawns on her. Lana looks to her left and then to her right. She doesn’t have any back up. There’s no Torrie Wilson. There’s no Alexa Bliss. Just her and the Ugly People.

“We should have done this a long time ago!” Lacey shouts in a war cry.

JR: “Wait a minute! Wait a minute what’s this?!…”

Angelina and Velvet have a steel chair and kendo stick. They both charge after Lana, weapons in hand. With ease, they take Lana down to the mat. They batter Lana with shot after shot from the chair and kendo stick, causing lacerations.

Lana is curled in a ball hoping this beat down ends. I can’t ‘crush’ alone!

Angelina and Velvet raise Lana to her feet, as Lacey orchestrates the attack. Lacey has a steel chair in hand as she hopes to end this symphony of destruction. She grabs Lana one more time by the hair to talk trash before taking one giant step back.

King: “What’s she doing to her?!”

After feeling like she’s in prime position, Lacey bashes the skull of Lana. An unprotected shot that knocks Lana out completely. She’s barely held up by Sky and Love. They release her, not wanting to continue holding up the dead weight any longer.

Lacey slams the chair to the floor. They turn their heads finally acknowledging the crowd. They’re getting booed out of the stadium. The crowd passionately boos. The BP have been booed before but this is something else. This is sadistic.

Lacey smiles to the crowd. She looks at each screen as each member of the WWE Universe yells at their camera. Lacey was upset when she was eliminated but this angry audience seems to be cheering her up. As she looks at each screen she finds one viewer who isn’t booing. One viewer who is watching the brutality unphased. She’s just staring up at what transpired. Lacey is the first to acknowledge one person who’s not condemning her. “I hope you enjoyed the show Kelly!” Lacey teases.

Kelly just looks indifferent to the attack on Lana. I should’ve won that match. Unsatisfied, Kelly walks away. She walks up the ramp, upset that a title opportunity has slipped through her fingers yet again. Screw Lana! She deserved it!

The crowd isn’t booing; instead, they don’t know what to make of this. They keep hoping Kelly’s going to turn around last minute and save the day and swat away the BP. But no. It’s not transpiring. Kelly continues just walking away.


The BP prance around the ring in celebratory fashion. They look like Mayans honoring the gods with a human sacrifice as Lana is laid out in the ring.

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  1. Hope to see Lana vs Trish since Lana did win the battle royal, but this could also be a setup where Lana pretends to be injured by the beautiful go into the match with Trish quote injured…. but not really and the beautiful people help her win the world championship as Lana just the beautiful people as the champion. Or Kelly could get the shot at Trish and beat Trish this leads to Lana vs Kelly at the next ppv after Kelly failed to help Lana here

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol can’t wait to see who will it be clean, yes Trish is definitely better, mostly because it’s Trish I’m just more interested

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lana has popped out of nowhere I like that, Alexa I like she just loses a lot lol, Torrie I haven’t really kept up with much, the beautiful people I hope Madison returns with own squad and destroy s them

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Which one is most likely to happen, I will start my ppv in two days see if Brooke can beat Trish,


      2. I just don’t wanna give anything away lol.

        I wrote all these stories during the holiday break. Next weeks episodes are sitting in my draft.

        I just gotta get to writing the rumble. I hope I get to it this weekend

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lol ok sweet I get it, that’s a ton of work congratulations on getting the next week episodes done the rumble is crazy to write

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is getting to confusing lol. So is kelly getting the tittle shot since lana is out. And is brandi going for the ic tittle

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The ending of raw shows kelly walking away as Lana is getting beat down by the BP. Kelly is not happy with her loss and the Lana win.

      We need to see what Lana’s status is next week at this point.

      Brandi is going to the rumble and is not feeling confident she’s going to win. She’s thinking of the IC title as her second choice if it doesn’t work out at the rumble.


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