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3 Raw Brandi Rhodes Vs. Madison

Brandi and Madison are in the ring for debut match ups. They approach each other for a lock up. Brandi is quick to be able to lock Madison in a headlock. Pressure is being applied to the head of Angela as she begins pushing Brandi towards the ropes. Madison uses the ropes to release herself from the headlock. Madison whips Brandi to the opposite end of the ring. Brandi bounces off the ropes and Brandi charges towards Madison. Brandi jumps in mid-air her legs stretched towards Madison. Brandi smashes her boot into the side of Madison’s head and connects with a shining wizard. Madison goes down hard. Brandi goes for a cover on Madison.

1… this one looks to be over folks 2… the crowd was impressed with Brandi’s quickness. But it wasn’t enough to put Madison away as she gets her shoulder up. Brandi gets to one knee and picks up Madison on her way up by her head. After the two women are up to their feet Brandi begins shoving knee after knee into Madison’s ribcage. Madison still woozy from the shinning wizard she took earlier. Madison is in defensive mode. She then grabs one of the knees being jammed into her ribcage. She lifts this leg up causing Brandi to loose her balance as Brandi falls to the ground and lands on her back. Madison has both of Brandi’s legs now as Brandi lays on the ground currently at Madison’s mercy. Madison realizing she’s in control begins setting up for a submission maneuver. Brandi uses her legs to begin wrapping around Madison’s arms and shoulder. She uses her leg strength to bring Madison down to the ground. Brandi is now sitting up as Madison is on her belly next to her as Brandi now has Madison in Yes lock position with her legs. Brandi reaches towards Madison’s face and locks in the Yes Lock. Madison is in the center of the ring. The crowd is impressed with Brandi’s impressive maneuvering as this wasn’t expected. Madison can’t take anymore and begins tapping out to the Yes lock. Brandi wins this one. Brandi releases her hold as she gets to her feet. The ref raises her arms in triumph. Many would consider this to be an upset victory of the more experience Madison Reign.

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