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3 Raw Margot Robbie has Carrie and Bayleigh Backstage.

Margot: “Yesterday at Summerslam…”

Bayleigh: “I already know what you’re gonna say girl. Kelly and Nikki disrespected us last night. They made is sound like me and Carrie are pushovers. Let’s make things clear. Kelly barely beat me last week. I was beating her ass last week until I made the mistake of going to the top rope. That’s why I want my rematch with Kelly tonight. There won’t be any mistakes and I’m just going to flat out beat her tonight.

Carrie: “I’m gonna be in Bayleigh’s corner to support her tonight. Nikki and Kelly got another thing coming if they think they’re already done with us. Right now we’re gonna take out Kelly and then Nikki we’re coming for you next.”

Bayleigh grabs Carrie’s hand they head up to gorilla position and begin heading towards the ramp for their entrance.

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