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Kelly Vs. Bayleigh Rematch

Kelly makes her way down the ramp looking hot as usual.

Kelly enters the ring to good crowd reaction. Bayleigh and Carrie stare down Kelly unimpressed with her.

After in ring introductions are completed, they approach each other in the center of the ring. Bayleigh starts the match off with slap to the face of Kelly. Bayleigh then grabs Kelly by her hair and runs with her towards the turnbuckle. She slams Kelly’s head on the turnbuckle. Kelly’s beautiful face is drilled numerous times into the turnbuckle. The crowd was keeping count of how many times Bayleigh slammed her head. It’s up to ten. Kelly is dizzy. Bayleigh lifts Kelly and sits her on the top turnbuckle. Bayleigh wasn’t going to go for high risk maneuvers but here she is going for it. Carrie is cheering Bayleigh from ringside. Bayleigh gets to the top turnbuckle with Kelly and is setting her up for a Superplex. Kelly reacts suddenly and pushes hard at Bayleigh’s mid-section. A hard shove so that Bayleigh lands on her back. A loud slam that was incredibly damaging to Bayleigh.

Carrie looks on trying to will Bayleigh back into the match.

In truly ironic fashion, Kelly begins getting ready to fly. She leaps from the top turnbuckle attempting to perform the exact same move Bayleigh tried to do to her before everything went downhill. Kelly launched off the top rop with a flying elbow drop. Kelly throws caution to the wind as she lands hard onto the body of Bayleigh. Bayleigh is in a great deal of pain as she rolls onto her knees. She’s subconsciously avoiding the pinfall attempt Kelly would most definitely had made. She’s on her hands and knees. Trying to recover from the damage taken.

Kelly had Bayleigh for cushion in her landing. Kelly is like a predator as she notices her prey is actually in K-2 position. Kelly ignores the pain she felt from the land and runs to one end of the turnbuckle. Kelly blasts off towards Bayleigh from the turnbuckle. But she slows down heavily unable to launch any further from the turnbuckle. Carrie had grabbed onto Kelly’s leg, like an anchor putting the breaks on ship.

The crowd boos heavily. Carrie is losing her image of being the good girl.

Kelly then reigns down punches onto Carrie trying to get free from Carrie’s grasp. Kelly needs to connect the K-2. Kelly reigns down aggressively on the back of Carrie’s head and back. Carrie lets go and rolls out of the ring.

Kelly returns to focusing on Bayleigh. Kelly gets back up. Bayleigh already taking advantage of the situation and is already in the air for a running shoulder tackle. Kelly, again like an animal, reacts instinctively using shades of Trish Stratus, performing the Ma-Trish perfectly, avoiding contact with Bayleigh. Bayleigh lands on the ground on her hands and knees again. Bayleigh using a mix of adrenaline and anger to continue on.

Bayleigh unhappy with missing that shoulder tackle is hustling back to her feet. Bayleigh suddenly feels heavy pressure from the top of her head. Bayleigh succumbs to the pressure felt on her head, her head was also locked in place unable to prevent her pretty face from being smashed into the canvas face first. Lights go out in Bayleigh’s head from this point. Kelly had performed the K-2 on Bayleigh. Bayleigh had bounced onto her back from the smashing K-2. Kelly hooks the leg for the cover. The crowd counts along for the 123 and this one is undoubtedly over. Kelly looks to the crowd as they all seem to now be ignoring her. They’re heads are turned to the side looking at the ramp instead of at her. Kelly joins the crowd in looking at the entrance ramp.

Nikki has Carrie resting on her shoulders in a rack attack position.

Nikki blows a kiss towards Kelly and jumps with Carrie still on her shoulders and lands on her knees. Carrie screeches in pain yelling so loud Nikki didn’t get a chance to hear Carrie’s bones crack. Nikki looks on from the stage on her knees at Kelly as Kelly stares right back. Carrie is crying in pain as the crowd looks on unsettled by what’s transpired. Bayleigh still in the ring slain by Kelly’s K-2.

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      1. Yes I think so just because she seems to be overlooked because she’s not the top champion she’s still hungry for more

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