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Alexa is on her way out for her match.

Lana follows closely behind. But Alexa doesn’t seem to have noticed she’s being followed by Lana. Lana’s is in street cloth and Alexa is in wrestling attire.

“Alexa, we haven’t trained all week. You’re not returning my calls?! What is going on?!” Lana questions.

“LANA! You insulted me last week! I’m better than Torrie! That’s why, this Sunday I’m issuing a challenge to Torrie Wilson. I want Torrie Wilson one-on-one at TLC in a TABLES MATCH! And right now I need you to STAY AWAY from ME!”

Lana stands there surprised.

Alexa walks out for her match. The crowd cheers Alexa for her next match.

Alexa vs the woman who beat Torrie Wilson last week, Anna Jay is up next.

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