S2 1.5 Main Event RAW Brandi vs. Nikki Vs Torrie vs. Carrie

JR: Nicki is an angry powerhouse! She’s going to be a wrecking ball in this match!” King: Torrie is a Mania Main Eventer! She was undefeated until mania!” JR: Brandi is a rising star! She’s been on fire for quite some time now! King: “Carrie sucks!” The bell rings and the match is underway. Brandi […]

WrestleMania: Buried Alive Match Ariel Vs. Brandi Rhodes Main Event Night One

*Wrestlemania night one will be headlined by Ariel vs Brandi Rhodes buries alive match* Brandi Rhodes makes her way out to great reaction from the crowd. JR: “Brandi is on the upswing. If she can pull off a win tonight it would be the biggest win of her career.” The lights go out. The lights […]

17 RAW The Bloody Steel Chair

Brandi Rhodes is backstage at an interview set carrying her bloody chair. Margot Robbie is standing with Brandi for a quick interview. “Brandi! I know you told me you have time for only one question, and trust me I have so many I need to ask you, especially about last week. But I think the […]

16 RAW Brandi Sent Packing

Brandi is seen getting ready when security approaches her. Brandi questions them, “What’s going on?” One of the security members responds. “By order of Stephanie McMahon you’re being escorted off the premises.” Brandi unhappily responds, “I’m not surprised. This is more of an Ariel order I think… well fine!.. I’ll leave… I don’t want to […]

15 RAW Main Event Trish is on a Mission IV

Ariel is in the ring carrying the WWE Championship. “My pet has delivered the contract! At the Royal Rumble… I’m going to officially become the WWE Champion!… And Trish Stratus is going to win the Royal Rumble!… After Trish wins the Rumble we’ll fight again at Mania… where I will retain my title again! I […]

15 RAW Trish is on a Mission II

Trish opens a door and encounters a woman who looks like she’s just got out of the shower. The woman is wrapped in a towel. The woman in the towel approaches Trish Stratus. The woman doesn’t seem to be happy to see Trish. Trish stops in her tracks and waits for the toweled woman to […]

14 RAW Main Event Ariel and Trish Stratus Close Raw Part 2

“…Oh yes… now I remember where I was… Trish I accept your challenge and we will fight at the Royal Rumble for the championship…. You agree, right Trish?” Ariel shoves the mic downward into Trish’s face. Trish gets on the mic, “Yes, Mistress Ariel, I agree to putting my title on the line against you […]

14 Robbie Opens Raw

We begin Monday Night Raw with Robbie in the ring with a mic in hand. She stares at the camera waiting for Raw to start. The light turns red and she recognizes the shows on. “I’ve been waiting for my turn!… I feel like all I ever do is wait for my turn!… I’m done […]

TLC Chairs Match Carrie vs Brandi

Brandi Rhodes is in the ring waiting on Carrie to get to the ring she’s like a female lion ready to pounce. Carrie has a chair in hand on her way to the ring. Carrie hesitantly enters the ring. The ref calls for the bell. Brandi charges towards Carrie. Carrie holds up the chair for […]

12 RAW Brandi Rhodes vs. Angela

****Black Friday Edition: All Stories this Week Released*** Angela and Brandi are in the ring. Angela is actually shaking. She’s aware of how crazy Brandi was last night. Brandi is eyeing her like she’s ready to take some aggression out. The crowd begins to rally behind Brandi as the arena begins filling with “BRANDI!” chants. […]

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