3 Raw Main Event Match WWE Champ Paige vs. Trish World Title Match Unsanctioned Match

Trish is in the ring and Paige is opposite her. Trish is still in her neckbrace. This isn’t a good idea for Trish to be fighting Paige like this. Arianda finishes ring introductions.

Trish is hard headed she just wants to go all out against Paige. Paige doesn’t play games.

Ding Ding.

Paige moves quick while Trish tries to keep up with Paige’s foot work. Paige was testing out Trish foot work and notices that Trish just can’t match speed with Paige. Paige has assessed the situation, like a masterful tactician and pictured in her mind how she’s going to approach this match. Paige is now beginning the execution of what she’s going to do.

Trish is focused she’s moving around along with Paige. She notices it too however. Trish isn’t new to the game and knows what Paige is doing with her shuffling around. If trish goes down tonight she’s not going down without a fight. Not like last night.

Paige walks towards Trish and immediately tackles Trish down. Trish sits atop her throne she marked last night, Trish’s belly. Paige is on top of Trish and begins dropping right hands onto Trish. Trish tries covering her face but Paige drops heavy punches continuously and viciously like it’s raining cats and dogs just on Trish. Trish is in defensive mode trying to shield her head. Her arms are up like a shield attempting to protect her head.

Paige: “Come on Grandma let me finish you!”

Trish’s arms, her defenses, that she was using to protect her head start to go limp as they’re in too much pain from the damage incoming from Paige’s assault. Trish’s defenses begin to crumble as Paige starts to get some head shots onto Trish’s beautiful face. Paige uses one hand to grab Trish by the back of the head grabbing her hair tight and begins to get some clean shots onto Trish’s face. Paige refuses to show mercy as she’s uses the best of the past to make a statement now to anyone who challenges her. Trish is fading fast as Paige knows this one is almost over. Trish can only now unwillingly succumb to haymaker after haymaker. Paige stops punching and whips her own hair out of her own face to gage the audience on her dominance as she again sits atop Trish’s belly. Paige worked up a sweat this time as she sweats from the cardio of dropping punches. Paige gazes at the crowd and releases her hold on Trish’s hair and looks down on the fallen Trish. The ref rushes to make the pin fall to end this. The ref does a fast count, 1… 2… Paige wipes the sweat from her forehead and wipes it on Trish’s face adding insult to injury … 3 and this one is thankfully over. The crowd isn’t happy as they uncomfortably watch Paige smile towards the audience and sits on her throne, Trish’s abs.

Paige: “That was a workout!” Paige laughs. Paige puts her boots not on Trish’s face but to the sides of her head. The ref comes over and gives Paige a hand and helps her up off of Trish. Paige takes her title and walks up the ramp all smiles.

Paige: “That’s all folks! There’s no one here who can compete with me. NO ONE!” Paige laughs as she walks up the ramp with her title around her shoulder.

Suddenly Torrie’s theme music echoes throughout the arena. Torrie makes her way down the ramp in her robe a lollipop is being sucked in her mouth. Torrie passes by Paige once again, only this time it’s a different opponent defeated in the ring. Paige knows what happened last week. She can be heard without a mic audibly.
Paige: “Hold on, hold on here just a second! I saw what you did last time to Alexa. I want to see this!”

Aftermath is next…

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  1. Not many women can say they owned Trish Stratus in back to back match but Paige sure can wow. Torrie is here to make a statement

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