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Carrie busts into Stephanie McMahons room in a panic. Ashley steps between Stephanie and the intruder as Carrie keeps talking incoherently. Stephanie doesn’t know what’s going on, she’s not use to a country singer busting through her door in a frenzy.

Good thing Stephanie has Ashley around because Ashley keeps the chaos at bay. Stephanie wants to reward Ashley. She’s long overdue.

Stephanie finally focuses on the petrified intruder.

“Stephanie! Did you see what Angela just did to Madison!!” Carrie is scared after what just happen to Madison. “You need to keep her away from me!!! She’s crazy!!”

Stephanie finally addresses Carrie, “How dare you bust into my room like this! Who the hell do you thing you are! I’m not going to put up with another anti-authority figure like Paige!”

Stephanie refuses to let chaos rule on RAW. “Next week your facing one of your old pals!… Yea, that’s right… Next week your facing Velvet Sky! And if you don’t win tonight’s IC Number One Contenders Match your getting booked for Clash… against Angela! I’d focus on winning tonight if I were you… Now!… Ashley throw this HAS-been country singer out of my office!”

“NO STEPH PLEASE DON’T DO THAT!!!” Carrie pleads.

Ashley grabs Carrie and tosses her out immediately.

Stephanie continues, “She should be happy I didn’t throw her out of the main event tonight!”

Ashley returns from tossing out Carrie, “If you put me in the main event I would have slaughtered everyone in that match.”

Stephanie smiles at Ashley, “You should be higher in the card. You deserve more Ash! And after your big win against Paige at Mania… you should be rewarded!”

Ashley nods with satisfaction.

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      1. Thank you!! I really liked that rivalry too. They had a long rivalry that involved hell in a cell, the rumble, the chamber all the way into mania. I liked their feud a lot. Lots of ups and downs for that one


      2. Yes but there was also that sexy factor in the matches. All the things they did to Kelly. I was great. I love that stuff in matches it makes it more interesting

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes it adds alot. Especially when Kelly is on the receiving end of it lol will Kelly be on raw tonight?


      4. Maybe Kelly stripped naked and get the what paige got. Hopefully someone does it to her to start a rivalry between Kelly and whoever

        Liked by 1 person

      5. She’s not on Raw this week.
        I didn’t want to roll out everything this week.

        But she’ll have a presence next week on raw

        I kinda keep the champs prestigious, champs fight on ppv normally.
        On special occasion they’ll wrestle on Raw.

        I’m surprised I haven’t heard from SportsMusicWomen
        I know he was a big fan of Angela and Robbie.
        Angela’s push was because he had requested it.

        Lol my pushes are delayed but they get there lmao


      6. Lol oh ok figured she would make her presence known since it’s the first show back and she became champion. Never did a promo or anything. And he has been busy. He only has been coming on like once a week for a bit and that’s it


      7. I am going to start doing story lines on my page. Who would you like to see get a push for world championship, best chest championship, best butt championship and best body?

        Liked by 1 person

      8. I love storylines and long term planning. I’m a bigger fan of those.

        I’m biased for the wrestlers so I’m likely going to go with the wrestlers I don’t see often.

        Some people I’d like to see fight for any of those titles:
        Brandi Rhodes
        Eva Marie


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