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Paige vs. Trish Aftermath

The crowd boos as Torrie is happy to see she’s getting at least one audience member who’s gonna enjoy watching this.

Torrie and Paige head to the ring. Smiles and all. Torrie enters the ring with the once mighty Trish Stratus now on the ground defeated. Paige heads to the announce table to get a view of what Torrie has in store. She wants to also give play-by-play of the upcoming assault.

Torrie is giddy with excitement as she’s been waiting a long time to do this. Torrie’s moment that she’s been hoping for ever since she’s laid eyes on the fan favorite, Trish Stratus, was implant her asshole onto Trish’s pretty face. To disgrace an icon. Torrie grabs Trish by her arm and drags the lifeless beauty to the bottom turnbuckle. Torrie rests Trish in a seated position against the turnbuckle. Trish’s head on the second turnbuckle. She’s still unconscious from the beat down she took against Paige. Torrie disrobes in the ring to reveal a thong.

Torrie: Nope! This one needs to get nastier!” Torrie slides down her thong to become but naked in the ring. On her ass it’s written “ready for my kiss!”

Torrie: “This is actually perfect! You get to taste some of Alexa tonight. My ass is finally going to get the best desert it’s ever had. Trish Stratus!” Torrie’s ass still has some of Alexa’s make up on it. Torrie’s makes the gesture that her ass stinks and it’s going to use Trish’s face as toilet paper to clean up last night’s mess and any other mess she has lying back there.

JR: “King I wish she didn’t come back this is not going to be fun to watch. Trish’s legacy is gonna end in Torrie’s ass king.”

Paige is at the announce table putting on her head set.

Paige: “Boy, I can’t believe I get to see this first hand this is going to be wonderful! I was never a big Trish fan to be honest with you but I know she was a big deal back then. Trish’s face is going to be feasted upon.” Paige turns to the angry audience as they boo away at what’s going on. She locks eyes with one particular audience member in the raucous crowd.

JR and King look up at Paige also confused about why she seems to have stopped talking.

An individual in a hoodie jumps the barrier and jams a pipe into Paige’s abs. Paige falls to the ground clutching her sides in pain.

Torrie sees the mysterious individual and makes eye contact with the individual.

The individual takes her hoodie off to reveal it’s Sasha! The crowd is ecstatic!

Torrie flees the ring and up the ramp. Sasha begins bashing away at Paige with her pipe. Paige tries to cover herself. Security comes out to take Sasha away. The crowd is loving that Sasha saved the day.

Sasha: “The boss is back bitch!”

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