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Raw 4 Brandi Rhodes vs. Angelina W/ Madison

The two women are in the ring with Madison on the outside.

Brandi and Angelina square off. Brandi goes for a handshake to start the match. Angelina doesn’t think twice about shaking her hand and slaps Brandi across the face.

Angelina, “You think I forgot about how you handled Madison last week.”

Brandi tackles Angelina down and gets on top of Angelina. Her crotch rubbing against Brandi’s smooth abs. Her legs chapping against Brandi’s sides. Angelina punches away onto Angelina. Angelina manages to get Brandi off of her with her legs.

Brandi is on her feet as Angelina crawls away towards Madison.

Brandi runs towards the ropes and bounces off the rope Madson was yelling from. Brandi runs towards a crawling Angelina.

Brandi clobbers Angelina’s face with a knee smash to Angelina’s face. Angelina goes lights out from the impact.

Madison rushes into the ring because she knows this one is gonna be over if she doesn’t get involved. Madison enters the ring. By the time she gets in however she’s met with a Chick Kick?

Brandi pulls a move from Trish’ arsenal and levels Madison.

Brandi makes the cover on the downed Angelina.

JR: “The ref can count to 100 king because she ain’t getting up from that one.

The ref calls for the bell by the time JR finishes his sentence. He raises Brandi’s hand as we cut to the back.

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