5 Clash of Champions Number One Contenders Match Nikki Bella Vs. Kelly Kelly

Ariadna is in the ring doing introductions for this match. Nikki and Kelly are in the ring. Both women have winning streaks and after tonight one of them will be broken.

Ariadna introduces Nikki to a negative reaction while Kelly gets a positive reaction from the crowd.

Nikki and Kelly square off in the ring and are face to face. They trash talk to each other as they come face to face. The bell rings to make the match official.

Kelly immediately launches a series of quick punches onto Nikki. Nikki takes some steps back as Kelly continues her series. Eventually she backs Nikki to the ropes. She whips Nikki to the other end of the ring ropes and as Nikki comes running back to Kelly she already has the move spotted. She lifts Nikki up in mid air for a big back body drop.

The crowd cheers loudly for Kelly’s big offensive take down of Nikki. Kelly is coming in as a bit of an underdog in this match because of how dominant Nikki has been with her power moves.

Nikki is getting up from the backdrop holding her back from the impact. She approaches Kelly to get a hold of her and slow her down. But Kelly already charged her and delivers a closeline.

Nikki is back up again but gets a second closeline from Kelly as Kelly continues building more and more momentum.

Nikki is back up again and this time Kelly drop kicks the mega rack of Nikki Bella.

Nikki backs up into the corner to catch a breather and because that’s where the drop kick sent her.

Kelly believes she needs to keep moving fast and continue her assault on this dominant woman to beat her.

Kelly rushes over to Nikki hoping not to give her any breaks and throws her full weight onto Nikki and delivers a stinger splash.

Kelly whips Nikki to the opposite turnbuckle and runs right behind Nikki as well. As Nikki gets to the turnbuckle she slams chest first into it and Kelly is already right behind her again throwing her full weight onto the unsuspecting Nikki Bella and does a backward stinger splash. Knocking the air out of Nikki. Nikki is groggy from Kelly’s offensive moves and is trying to get herself back in the game.

Nikki falls flat on her back from the splash.

Kelly looks around at the audience gaging them on whether she should do what she’s thinking of doing. She’s decided she going to do it. She begins climbing the turnbuckle for a big high risk maneuver. Kelly reaches the top turnbuckle and just shrugs at the top of it. The feeling being that this could make or break her in this match. But she’s taking the risk. Kelly leaps off the turnbuckle for a moonsault.

Kelly crashes down dead weight and all onto Nikki.

Nikki looses all air in her lungs as she takes the dead weight of Kelly. Kelly’s knees had hit Nikki’s body as well with the landing and her pain is immense right now. Kelly is also in pain from the moonsault assault and clutches her ribs from the woman on woman impact. She wasn’t expecting her landing onto Nikki to hurt so much. Nikki has a hard body that had affected Kelly too in that impact.

She begins crawling back to Nikki to get that victory so she can clock her way to the world title opportunity. She rests the side of her head on top of Nikki’s abs while clutching her own.

The ref rushes to make the count. 1… Nikki’s tears can visibly be shown going down her cheek from the impact. 2…Kelly can’t imagine how she could have made this any better of an opening for herself in this match. She feels Nikki’s tough body thrust upward before the referee can hit the three count.

JR: “How the hell did she get up from that???!”

Kelly rolls over to the corner turnbuckle already thinking about her backup plan in case Nikki somehow surprised her. She’s shocked Nikki stayed in this match but she needs to keep calm and steady.

Nikki clearly underestimated Kelly and is trying to get back into this match. Nikki has gotten to her hands and knees at this point. Some of Kelly’s hair is in her face so she gets it out of her way so she can keep focused on putting this away.

But Nikki falls back down to the mat and rolls out of the ring towards the entrance ramp. Kelly’s jaw falls down completely dejected after seeing Nikki roll herself out of the ring. Phase two of her plan just got scrapped in her head.

Kelly marches onward to Nikki exiting the ring on her way. Nikki’s back is towards Kelly as Kelly reaches over Nikki’s shoulder and pulls it. Wanting to punch Nikki’s lights out.

But Nikki blasts Kelly with an emphatic forearm to her jaw.

Kelly doesn’t see it coming as she falls flat on her back. Completely lights out from the forearm smash.

Nikki falls down too on her own belly. She thrust her entire self to make sure she brought Kelly down with that forearm smash. She’s now using this precious time to recover from Kelly’s early offensive furry.

Sweat is dripping from both women’s faces as they both are recovering.

The fans are applauding these women’s effort for putting on a great show.

Kelly begins regaining consciousness and Nikki is already to one knee trying to get back in this match.

Nikki quickly gets into the ring and back out to avoid the count-out. Nikki reaches for the back of Kelly’s head and grabs some hair. She drags the still subdued Kelly up the ramp. Nikki has evil intentions in her head.

Nikki makes her way to the announce table where JR And king move out of the way.

Kelly jams her elbow into Nikki’s rib cage. Momentarily halting Nikki in her tracks. Kelly’s in disbelief from how much it hurt her elbow to do that. She ignores the pain and jams her elbow a second time into Nikki’s ribs.

Kelly looks Nikki in the face and slaps her across the face.

The slap fuels Nikki. Nikki just uses brute force to shove Kelly’s head downward between her legs. She wraps her arms around Kelly’s sides and lifts her up for a power-bomb. Kelly’s crotch is in Nikki’s face as Kelly’s brown warm legs tightly wrap around Nikki’s head. Kelly’s in a state of fear as she reaches for the only thing she can grab hold of which is Nikki’s head. Kelly’s feet dangle behind Nikki’s back as Nikki massacres Kelly with a power-bomb through the announce table.

JR: “Bah-god King! Nikki just broke Kelly in half!!! We need a medic out here!”

The sound of the bell snaps Nikki back to reality. She forgot she was in a competitive match against Kelly to become the number one competitor. This didn’t give Nikki the win she wanted.

The ref has called for the bell due to count-out.

A symphony of boos plays throughout the arena as referees hover around Kelly.

Nikki’s looks upon the destruction shes instituted on Kelly Kelly then back to the crowd. She raises her arms like she’s won the match as the crowd gets louder. She follows up by walking off clutching at her sides selling the pain from the deadweight moonsault she received earlier.

King: “We don’t have a number one contender JR? What now?”

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