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7 RAW Bayleigh vs. Carrie Underwood Loser Leaves RAW

Carrie stirs in the ring as she realizes Bayleigh is charging right back toward her. She sees the look in Bayleigh eye and it doesn’t look like she’s coming back for a hug.

A ref comes running right behind Bayleigh as they enter the ring together.

The ref rings the bell and it’s on.

Carrie gets to her feet and Bayleigh chargers towards her for a spear.

Carrie uses Bayleighs momentum to fall into an inside cradle on Bayleigh.

The ref covers for 1… 2… and Carrie is holding on to Bayleigh for this cradle like her life depends on it. Ignoring her current headache to keep this cradle going long enough to hit the three.

Like country music to Carries ear she hears the refs hand hit the mat for the third time for the first time in her career in her favor and this ends the match.

Carrie rolls out of the ring to the surprise of the crowd. Bayleigh is shocked in the ring to find she lost.

King: “The streak is broken!”

Stephanie is still at the top of the ramp.


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