S2 5.6 RAW Trish Stratus Closes RAW

Trish Stratus is in the ring with a mic in hand and the World Title over her shoulder. She walks around the ring confidently as the crowd continues to make a whole lotta noise. Trish speaks, “It does feel good to be back in a WWE ring again!” The crowd noise goes louder. “As you […]

S2 5.5 RAW Lacey vs Lana Ref: Kelly Kelly

Lacey, Lana and Kelly are in the ring. The crowd chants their favorite. KELLY! KELLY! KELLY! Kelly rings the bell. Lana yells to the crowd, “STOP CHANTING KELLYS NAME! SHE’S NOT EVEN IN THIS MATCH!” JR: If Lana wants that IC title match, she better focus on this match!” Kelly smiles to the chanting crowd. […]

S2 5.4 RAW Alexa Bliss, Lana, & Third Blonde

Lana is in the middle of getting ready when Alexa approaches her, “Lana, what happened last week on RAW? You we’re helping Torrie!!” “I’m sorry Alexa! I forgot you hate Torrie! But she help you win! And now you’re going to Hell in a Cell to fight Kelly! Please don’t be mad at me!” Alexa […]

S2 5.3 RAW Brandi Issues Challenge

Brandi is backstage with a mic addressing the camera directly, “Torrie Wilson! I don’t know what your problem is but now, I’m your PROBLEM! I’m out of my IC Title match because of you! You screwed me out of my title match! And now I’m issuing you a challenge. I want you one-on-one at Hell […]

S2 5.2 RAW Beautiful Ppl in a Cell

In the dressing room Madison, Velvet, and Angelina are talking amongst themselves. Velvet: “I hope Lacey forgot about your lost to Lana a few weeks back Madison. Lacey didn’t look like she was going to be happy if you lost.” Angelina: “You should have won that match Mad, I thought you had it. Lacey has […]

S2 5.1 RAW Carrie Vs Anna

JR: “Anna is set to team with Angela inside the Devil’s playground this Sunday against Carrie and that mystery woman!” King: “Hopefully Carrie can focus tonight, last week she was obsessed with finding that mystery woman!” Anna and Carrie are in the ring, but Carrie has a mic in hand. The ref doesn’t notice the […]

S2 4.7 RAW Main Event Championship Crowning

Stephanie McMahon is in the ring. She’s rather upbeat. There’s a red luxurious rug covering the ring and a stand that’s holds the new WWE Championship. Stephanie is looking to the camera with a smile on her face. Noticeably absent from this ceremony tonight is none other than, Ashley Graham. “As you all know, usually […]

S2 4.6 RAW Angela’s Pick

Margot is lucky enough to catch Angela who’s being escorted out of the building by a medical team. Margot: “Angela are you ok? Are you leaving for the night? Have you chosen a partner?” Angela is holding her sides like she’s got major cramps, “I don’t mean to be rude and cut this interview short […]

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