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7 RAW Carrie Underwood & Bayleigh vs. Angela & Robbie

Raw opens with Carrie Underwood and Bayleigh making their way down the ramp as they prepare for tag team action. Once in the ring they hug it out in the ring and look to the ramp for their opponents. They’re on their game tonight.

JR: Bayleigh and Carrie hope to turn their losing ways around with tonight’s tag team match against Angela & Robbie.

Stephanie’s music plays as she makes her way out. The crowd is stunned to be in the presence of a rare Stephanie appearance.

Stephanie has a mic in hand.

Stephanie comes with a presence that is revered, “There are some things that need to be addressed tonight and they all pretty much relate to last nights Clash of Champions. Since I didn’t get my number one contender for the WWE Championship, and both women did an amazing job last night. I’m making it official for Hell in a Cell. Paige will defend her world title against Nikki Bella inside Hell in a Cell!” The crowd cheers this match up as something they’re looking forward to. They’re both heels but to finally see who owns the yard is quite a match-up.

Stephanie continues, “Oh, and since your my champion Paige I can’t suspend you, but when you lose that title. You’re suspended!”

Stephanie continues, “Speaking of Paige she filed a grievance for not main eventing last night. She is my world champ but Trish Stratus was the bigger name. That’s why you didn’t main event Paige. Metrics show Trish Stratus is more popular and it’s just business why she main evented. But hey?! It doesn’t look like Trish will be in your way anymore so the main event will be yours once again.

Speaking of Trish she has had quite a losing streak. I don’t like losers. Two women who’ve lost more times than her are in that ring right now.

It’s time for one of you to be a winner because in the main event tonight Carrie and Bayleigh this will be one of your last nights on Raw. Your both competing tonight in a loser leaves wwe for good.”

Bayleigh and Carrie look at each other with sorrow in their eyes. One of them has to go.

Carrie reaches her hand out to Bayleigh to shake her hand. Bayleigh pushes it away and grabs Carrie for a hug as Carrie returns the hug too.

Bayleigh knees Carrie in the crotch and drops her with a ddt in the middle of the ring.

Bayleigh walks up the ramp to prepare for her match tonight.

Stephanie looks on impressed with Bayleighs choice. Happy to see her take this dark turn.

JR: “Stephanie brings out the worst in the roster king.”

Stephanie steps in front of Bayleigh before she leaves. “Finally I’m seeing something impressive in you. There might be something worth keeping after all in you. Screw the main event. Go finish the job now and you can keep the job. The match is on now!!”

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