7 Raw Backstage with Stephanie & WWE Champion Paige

Stephanie heads through the curtain. She passes gorilla position. She seems to be on her way out. Ashley Graham appears right behind Stephanie as she carries her bags.

Ashley and Stephanie make their way to Stephanie’s limo. Ashley loads the car in the limo for Stephanie and then holds the car door for Stephanie to enter the limo. Paige approaches Stephanie as she was about to enter.

Paige is as cordial as she can be with her boss without punching her in the face, “Metrics show Trish is more popular than your champion huh, Steph?… I’m really sick and tired of hearing that. What does that say about how pathetic it is to be the champion of your product if I’m not in the main event. I guess business around here is not as great as it use to be, huh?” Paige delivers that line slowly for effect.

Stephanie is obviously annoyed but is sarcastic in her response, “It tells me my champion needs to step her game up because if Trish is still a bigger deal than my champion than that says a lot about her doesn’t it?” Steph enters her car satisfied with her response to Paige. Ashley shuts the car door.

Paige and Ashley size up each other until Paige simply chooses to walk away. Not wanting to engage the threatening figure.

The car can be heard starting up as Steph rolls down her window for one more remark for Paige, “Maybe I can help you out Paige. At Hell in a Cell it’ll be a triple threat match. That third person will be discovered in the main event between Sasha and Kelly tonight.” Stephanie knew Paige didn’t want to hear that but wants to stick it to her. The limo drives off.

Paige is visibly upset by this development.

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