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****Black Friday Edition: All Stories this Week Released***

Angela and Brandi are in the ring. Angela is actually shaking. She’s aware of how crazy Brandi was last night. Brandi is eyeing her like she’s ready to take some aggression out.

The crowd begins to rally behind Brandi as the arena begins filling with “BRANDI!” chants.

Brandi is staring a hole through Angela.

Angela is filled with a lot of emotions. She gets in her own head; Brandi is crazy right now why am I put in this match against the crazy girl. There’s still time to back off the match she’s thinking. Or maybe she can make a big name for herself and beat Brandi. The loud crowd chants are throwing Angela off too.

The bell rings Brandi rushes towards Angela to release some aggression. Angela quickly exits the ring. The referee calls for her. “What are you doing?”

Angela motions for the ref to come out of the ring.

The ref exits. “What’s going on??!”

Angela whispers in his ear the ref is dismissive but reluctantly agrees to her requests. He heads over to the announcer to communicate the message from Angela.

Brandi is the ring shouting at Angela, trying to be heard through the audience as they continue to chant her name. “Get in here!!”

The announcer makes the announcement. “Angela is forfeiting the match. As a result your winner is Brandi Rhodes!”

Brandi looks on disappointed at Angela. The crowd boos heavily. Angela begins walking with her head down up the ramp.

Frustrated, Brandi exits the ring and runs towards Angela. The crowd cheers. Angela, notices a quick change in the audience’s reaction turns around to find Brandi in her face.

Brandi positions herself and delivers a stiff Chick Kick nearly knocking Angela’s head off. Angela falls to the ground like she was shot in the head. She was knocked out before she hit the ground.

The crowd cheers to finally see some action from Brandi. Brandi steps over Angela shoving the camera man out of her way. Brandi is an outlaw with a chip on her shoulder. She still wants vengeance!

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      1. I was looking at one of ur postings about not being motivated to write.

        I don’t want to pile on. And I hope u don’t take it the wrong way. But I loved ur older stuff.
        I liked the storylines back in the day. From even Rene young getting involved in a Trish storyline and hamas

        I’d suggest writing for less people. When there’s too many championships and too many people it’s hard for me to keep up. If u could limit to like 8 wrestlers or so that be cool.

        Liked by 1 person

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