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JR: “That last match was rough. But we have some good news, King.

King: “What’s that, JR?”

JR: “We’re happy to throw it back to our favorite interviewer! And I hear she has a very special guest! Take it away Margot!

Margot is backstage in the interview room, “Thank you JR! I’m glad to be back! And if I’m going to come back I knew I needed to make a splash! Here’s the first person I’m interviewing… the WWE Champion, Trish Stratus!”

Trish Stratus walks into the interview set. She’s dressed in her casual attire.

The crowd suddenly erupts in noise.

Trish is backstage with Margot and the both of them couldn’t help but acknowledge the roar of the crowd.

“I’m happy to be back, Margot! And I’m glad you’re back too!” Trish responds.

Margot: “Everyone knows why I’ve been gone but everyone’s been wondering where you’ve been?!”

Trish: “Well Margot, as you know, I’ve been checking on how you’ve been in the hospital… then I needed to check on how Mickie was doing in the hospital, then I had to check on Lita. I’ve been busy checking on you all. You all have one thing in common though. You’ve been put in the hospital by one woman and that’s Kelly Kelly… or Michael Myers? Whatever she’s calling herself these days…. Now, I want to address Kelly tomorrow night on RAW because I have a lot on my mind. Tonight is the Elimination Chamber Match!.”

Trish motions for the belt on her shoulder.

“Kelly’s the referee for my match tonight, I look forward to seeing her tonight!”

Margot: “You might see her a little bit sooner, Trish. Kelly’s participating in an impromptu match before she referees yours.”

Trish looks caught off guard as she suspiciously eyes Margot, “What do you mean?”

Margot responds, “Kelly’s in action next… Mickie submitted a request to Stephanie for a match with Kelly. Mickie probably is looking for revenge after the beatdown she took a few weeks ago. And it’s coming up next!”

Trish looks concerned. She looks like she was about to say something.

Margot holds the mic to Trish, thinking she wanted to say something as well.

Trish finally responds, “Mickie is tough as nails. Mickie’s going whoop Kelly’s ass! Like I said, I’ll address Kelly tomorrow, I’ve got a lot to say about her. I’m going to go change for my match. If you’ll please excuse me, Margot.”

The crowd cheers in delight.

Margot responds, “Thank you Trish! And good luck tonight!”

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      1. It would be a nice rematch with nikki beating Kelly this time. Then trish could have an open challenge at mania where she faces a debuting star for a match that could go either way

        Liked by 1 person

      1. lol i new trish was winning facing stacy im happy about that cant wait until the next trish match


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