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Stephanie and her muscle are walking backstage confidently and happily. “You know Ash, I haven’t been able to walk back here so freely without thinking about Paige. Paige was a toxic personality that soured me so much… I’m glad you fucked her face. I can walk around here happily now.”

Ashley motions for Stephanie to look up ahead. “Speak of the devil.” Ashley quips.

Stephanie looks up to see Ariel in front of her. “…literally.” Stephanie acknowledges Ashley while keeping her attention on Ariel.

Ariel: “Hello Stephanie.”

Inside the mind of Stephanie: Stephanie appreciates what Ariel did for her by ridding Stephanie of Paige. But other than that, she doesn’t like being around Ariel. Ariel just plain and simply gives Stephanie the creeps! Stephanie thinks she knows why Ariel’s waiting on her. It’s about the inclusion of Ashley in the Rumble. Stephanie believes the road to Wrestlemania will lead to Ashley Graham vs. WWE Champion Ariel… Maybe Ashley can get rid of Ariel too. 😊

Stephanie campy acknowledges Ariel, “Good evening Ariel.”

Ariel: “What a… predictable move… to add Ashley to the Royal Rumble match.”

Stephanie is taken back, “Predictable?”

Ariel continues, like she didn’t hear that, “I want one more favor Stephanie…”

Stephanie rolls her eyes, “what do you want now?”

Ariel continues, “I want Trish to compete twice at the Royal Rumble… I want my match with Trish at the Royal Rumble and I want Trish in the Royal Rumble match.”

Stephanie thinks about it for a moment:

Inside the mind of Stephanie: she feels like she’s already even with Ariel. Trish beats Paige and she gets a title match with Trish at the Rumble. That’s it. Our dealings are done. Stephanie doesn’t want Ariel to be coming up to her for favors all the time. Stephanie wants something in return.

Stephanie addresses Ariel, “I’m a business woman and I like doing business… how’s this… if Trish enters the rumble, she’s giving up her championship rematch clause. I don’t want her coming back expecting a rematch for the title. Her entering the Royal Rumble bars her from the rematch.”

Ariel smiles, agreeingly, “Tell me where to sign.”

Stephanie replies, “Yes, Ashley will get you a contract to sign and you can have Trish sign it and just … fax, it… email it… hell! Even mail it! Just don’t wait for me back here to give it back to me in person. You’re a creepy eyesore! Oh! And get it to Ashley don’t give it to me.”

Ariel steps out of Stephanie’s way. Smiling, per usual.

Stephanie and her muscle finally pass Ariel.

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    1. You know, I think you nailed that.
      Didn’t think of it that way but yea ur right.

      They’re two alpha females that want to be a step ahead of each other while still being nice lol.


    1. I agree I gotta get her back in the game.
      I wasn’t expecting to write so much for Robbie and Carrie but they’re moving lately.
      The top of the card has changed from the dominance Paige had over it.


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