7 Raw Brandi Rhodes vs. Beautiful People

Brandi is in the ring waiting for her opponent to come out.

JR: “Brandi has been dueling with members of the Beautiful People for the past few weeks. She’s taken out Madison Rayne and Angelina Love on separate occasions. The team has requested another match with her tonight and we’re going to find out now what they have in store for the match tonight against Brandi.

Madison is at the top of the stage along with Madison.

Madison: “This little brat in the ring thinks she’s got our number but she has no idea what she’s in for. You made us relinquish our most dangerous member of the team yet. You’re opponent tonight is…”Velvet Sky comes out ready to do battle. She trash talks the audience on her way to the ring. Madison and Love follow right behind her.

Brandi looks on shrugging them off. Not caring about whether it’s anyone of them she’s going to fight.

Sky enters the ring and the ref signals for the bell.

Velvet charges at Brandi but Brandi side steps her and trips her. Sky hits the second turnbuckle on the way down. She clutches her mouth hoping not to have lost a tooth. While Velvet is on the turnbuckle Brandi runs and connects with a rearview to the back of Velvet’s head. Crushing Velvet’s face on the turnbuckle. Velvet is on the ground clutching her jaw. Brandi is confident she’s ready to put Sky away at this point and is bouncing in the ring loosening herself up. Brandi positions herself behind Sky as Sky tries to get to her feet. Brandi sizes her up and as Sky turns around Brandi decides she wants to finish this match differently.

She grabs Velvet easily by her head and walks her over to the center of the ring. She does the signature point to the crowd and jumps in the air and off the ropes and connects Sky to Stratusfaction. Sky is out in the middle of the ring.

Madison and Love have seen enough and rush the ring. They tackle Brandi down and both women begin punching away at Brandi. The ref calls for the bell. Love exits the ring and gets brown bag from under the ring. She takes out something from the brown bag that’s small and difficult to see. Madison picks up Brandi to get her ready for whatever they have planned. Madison throws Brandi towards Love and Love punches Brandi in the face with the brass knucks. Brandi is out cold. Madison grabs the brown bag that had the knucks in it and puts it over Brandi’s head.

Angelina: “Just when you think you got us beat we take you right out and cover that ugly face of yours. Your now beatiful because my face is on the cover of your bag bitch!”

Love and Madison laugh at Brandi with the bag covering her head as they exit the ring to leave. Sky wakes up and retreats up the ramp along with her girls.

The crowd boos heavily as the three women point and stare at Brandi in the ring.

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