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Lana and Alexa Bliss make their way out. Alexa coaches Lana as they the duo walk out. The crowd is receptive to the team.

The beautiful people come out on the stage. Velvet has a mic in hand, “Little Miss Bliss, and lovely Lana are here to kick some beautiful ass tonight!… Let’s see that happen…”

Lacey Von Erich makes her way out. The Beautiful People follow closely behind. Lacey walks with determination and a point to prove.




Lana and Alexa look at one another confused. “I’m not ready for her, I trained for the other three jabronis, Alexa.”
“Don’t worry about the other three, you’re going to whoop her ass too. Just be confident in yourself.”

Lana nods in agreement as Lacey enters the ring.

The beautiful people are all smiles as the survey the look on Alexa and Lana’s faces. “You’re going down this time bitches!”

Lacey looks Lana up and down in a dismissive way, as if to say she’s not impressed with what she sees.

The bell rings and the match is underway.

The two participants get close to each other until Lacey uses her height to wrap Lana in a headlock.

“Come on Lana! You got this!” Alexa yells from ringside.

Lacey snaps Lana down into the mat and continues her hold on Lana. Lacey applies more pressure on Lana squeezing her head in the headlock.

Lana starts hitting the sides of Lacey with her fists.

Lacey lets go of Lana’s head and gets up and drops right down with a elbow drop. Lacey does this again and again connecting with three in a row.

Lacey goes over to the corner of the Beautiful People as they cheer her on.

Lana begins getting up.

Lacey sneaks up behind Lana and grabs her sides. She squeezes Lana into her and delivers a snap german suplex to Lana.

Lana’s eyes look glazed over.

Lacey yells to the Beautiful People, “Should I finisher her?”

They cheer her on but the crowd boos them.

Alexa looks on worried. Lacey sees Alexa face full of despair. “Some trainer you are Alexa! I’m gonna chokeslam your little ass next!”

Lana begins getting up, and Lacey grabs her by the throat. Lacey bring Lana close to her face. “Go back to getting trained. You’re not ready for this.”

Lana then lifts up Lana and chokeslams her into the mat.

Lacey with a sexual cover as she pushes herself onto Lana for the pin.

The ref makes the pin and counts this as over.

JR: “The Beautiful People finally win this!”

King: “Lacey Von Erich won this.”

Lacey and the Beautiful People celebrate in the ring. Alexa reaches in and pulls Lana out of the ring and helps to her feet.

Lacey yells to Alexa, “Let’s see you bully me Alexa!”

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