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Backstage Interview with Margot Robbie

Margot: “Hi, everyone I’m backstage with the BOSS! And no not Stephanie, it’s Sasha!” The camera pans back to see Sasha nodding in approval. “Sasha, speaking of Stephanie, we got a blockbuster announcement from her earlier in the evening that benefited you. You’re in action next for one more shot at Paige but inside Hell in a Cell. How does it feel to know you could be possibly stepping into the cell with two of the most dangerous women on the roster.”

Sasha is a cocky as usual, “Well Margot, as we all saw last night I came damn close to taking out Paige last night. Paige barely got by me and if I can get in the ring with her one more time, best you believe I’m leaving the arena with the title as the OFFICIAL champion. As far as Nikki goes, she’s just dumb strength. I’ve got the smarts and speed to take her out. I don’t care if its her or Paige but I’m taking that title.”

Margot: “What about Kelly she’s looking to take you out tonight?”

Sasha: “With all due respect to Kelly she’s got a lot of potential to be a champion one day. Just not when I’m around. Maybe when I’m injured or when I’m on vacation she can be champ. But she’s stepping into the ‘big girls’ arena and I gotta show her that being at the top isn’t all that great. There’s women gunning for you everywhere you go and it really is a paranoid existence. Only the toughest of the toughest can be in that spot. She’s not ready for it. She’s still a ‘good girl’ that’s not ready to see whats beyond her current spot on the roster.

Margot: “Thank you so much for your time Sasha and good luck tonight.”

Sasha: “Don’t need that girl but thanks.”

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