Margot is backstage. Folks there was a surge in viewership and we went off the air during the broadcast. We’re sorry for what happened but we’re working hard with retrieving the footage that was blacked out moments ago. Until then I have Brandi Rhodes and Carrie Underwood with me backstage.

Carrie is first to speak, “I’ve been through dark times myself. My friend, Bayleigh tried to cheap shot me into losing my job. Trish looks like she’s in a tough spot right now but we’ve all been there. I’m teaming with Brandi to turn things around and move forward.”

Brandi pats Carrie on the back, appreciating her support. “Margot, as you can tell I’m a big Trish Stratus fan. I’m such a fan I use the ‘Check Kick’ and ‘Stratusfaction’ in the ring. It’s disappointing to see what Trish is going through. Growing up I’d watch her and she’s the reason I wanted to wrestle.  But I have things I need to handle too. The Ugly People are going to get their asses kicked tonight. I haven’t forgotten about what they did to me with the bag over my head. They still have the numbers game but Carrie and I got this.

Margot wraps up the interview, “thank you so much for your time and good luck! The Beautiful People are in the ring right now.”

The newly formed duo head through the curtain for their match.

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