Stephanie is in her office at her desk. The camera opens to her looking as confident as usual. Many thought Stephanie would be upset tonight because she lost her Number One contender to the WWE Title just days before the big PPV. Instead, Stephanie sees this as another opportunity to make another proclamation. She sure loves these. “Last week on Raw I gained a number one contender and lost her all on the same night. Lana suffered a concussion. The Beautiful People assaulted Lana with Chairs and Kendo Sticks last week. She won’t be medically cleared for the Royal Rumble this Sunday. She suffered a fracture in this WrestleMania Race. My head start didn’t help her….” Stephanie is pushing the ‘WrestleMania Race’ theme she started last week.

“…Last week I saw what I was looking for! I’m looking for a superstar that’s ready to dethrone Trish! I saw one wrestler stepping up last week. I saw passion! I saw Ruthless Aggression! I saw someone who’s wants to dethrone Trish Stratus!…” She mockingly continues, “…It damn sure wasn’t the Cowardly Kelly Kelly that impressed me…” Stephanie jokes before getting serious again, “I need a Title Match at the Royal Rumble. WWE Champion Trish Stratus will face Lacey Von Erich. Fight Lacey! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight until you get to that title! This is your head start Lacey! Don’t trip or you’ll fall behind in this race.”

JR: “There you have it! Lacey Von Erich Vs. Trish Stratus will take place this Sunday at the Royal Rumble!”

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