Torrie has a mic in her hand. She’s by herself this time around.

“To all those people watching from home you didn’t get to see what happened earlier but the live audience got to see it. Don’t worry though; Ariel is going to be on Raw tomorrow to reveal the footage that you didn’t get to see.” Torrie mockingly begins giving the thumbs up sign and winks to the camera. “See you all tomorrow!”

The camera cuts to Stephanie Mcmahon sitting at her desk with her hands folded. She has Ashley Graham by her side looking intimidating.

Stephanie begins speaking with her usual confidence, “So I’m starting to see these factions form and I don’t know if they’re trying to ‘one-up’ each other or what the deal is. But each time these factions come out they’re having their way with my superstars. Fortunately, I have the perfect idea for how to do the ultimate ‘one-up manship’. They’re lucky because Survivor Series is coming and what better way to establish their dominance than for the two factions to just beat the hell out of each other. Kill each other so the rest of the roster doesn’t have to deal with both of you. The Beautiful People, all four, will compete in a traditional Survivor Series match-up against Ariel and her Angels, and if Brandi is able to make it to the pay per view, who knows at this point, she will be your fourth partner. If she doesn’t make it… then its three against four. Let the Survivor Series Games BEGIN!”

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