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HELL IN A CELL MAIN EVENT WWE Champ Paige vs Kelly vs Nikki

The cell has lowered for the main event. The cell doors have been chained shut. Introductions are made as each woman steps up when their name is called. Nikki is met with boos, Kelly is cheered, the clear fan favorite, and the confident Paige holds up her championship as she’s booed. Paige emphatically declares, “Hell in a Cell is my HOUSE!”

JR: “This structure has taken souls king, I know the structure brings out the survival instincts of the combatants, and unfortunately when it comes to this demonic structure, it’s going to take one or more tonight.”

The bell rings and the match is underway…

The three women stand their ground and size each other up. Paige, always the tactician, her eyes keep going back and forth to Kelly and Nikki until settling on Nikki.

Kelly is also trying to see who going to approach her first as she’s on her toes for whomever gets at her first. But like Paige, her eyes go to Nikki.

Nikki, being always so bold, walks to the center of the ring and begins doing her booty dance, mocking her opponents.

Paige is short on patience. Paige rushes Nikki’s and delivers a shuffle side kick to the back of the head of Nikki knocking her down to the mat. She clutches the back of her head in pain and rolls out of the ring.

Kelly immediately rushes to Paige but Paige is too quick and delivers a snap power slam right onto Kelly and follows it up with a quick hook of the leg.

1… 2 Kelly kicks out at 2!

Paige eyes keep going back and forth to Nikki and Kelly. But she picks Kelly up by her hair to do more damage.

Kelly unknowingly takes advantage of this minor distraction and delivers a European uppercut to the jaw of Paige. Paige backs up off of Paige holding her jaw. Kelly now completely focused on Paige follows right behind Paige and turns her back around and deliver a knife-edge chop X2 until Paige gets backed up to the corner. Kelly then grabs Paige’s hand and leans her body into Paige’s body before Irish whipping Paige to the other turnbuckle at the other side of the ring. Kelly launches herself to put more force in the Irish whip and Paige dashes to the opposite end and crashes against the other turnbuckle. Paige then immediately crashes to the ground. She holds her back in pain from the whip. Kelly is getting up to her hands and knees now.

Nikki has recovered at this point and shoves Kelly between her legs and positions her for a quick powerbomb. Kelly instinctively lifts Nikki’s up for a big back body drop that drops Nikki to the outside of the ring. The crowd gasps at first but then cheers Kelly on as she begins to gain momentum.

Kelly begins climbing the turnbuckle Nikki begins getting to her feet on the outside. Kelly launches for a cross body onto Nikki! Nikki’s back slams onto the cage along. But this did some damage to Kelly as her face slammed against the cage as well.

All three women are down now.

Paige stirs in the ring still recovering from the mean Irish whip she took from Kelly and rolls to the outside. Paige looks under the ring and finds a tool??

Paige then approaches the door that sealed them in and cuts the chain off the door. The crowd begins cheering her on for that development. Paige kicks open the door and she now has access to the outside. Not much of a poker face, Paige begins grinning from the chaos she hopes to unleash.

Paige now approaches where the women have fallen and grabs Nikki by her hair and walks her towards the cell door, leaving Kelly on the floor.

As Paige walks towards the door she feels her body being twisted around and then her legs lift off the ground suddenly. Nikki has Paige lifted onto her shoulder and slams her against the cage wall. Paiges back is what was slammed against the wall. Nikki again, slams her to another wall. Then charges forward and slams her against the door. Nikki didn’t know the door had been opened and they both fall out of the cage. Nikki’s delivers an unintentional and devastating spine buster to Paige on the outside mat. Nikki’s looks on shocked that she got through the door.

Nikki refocuses her attention on Paige and straddles the champion and begins leveling the champion with her patented forearm shots. One after another as Paige just takes each shot to her face.

Kelly is already to her feet. She runs towards the open door and dashes towards Nikki. She blasts Nikki with a stiff drop kick knocking Nikki forward. Kelly continues pursuing Nikki and grabs her by her hair she walks Nikki over to the cage wall on the outside. Kelly looking to slam Nikki head on the cell wall on the outside. Fortunately for Nikki she puts her hands up to prevent her head from being slammed. She elbows Kelly in her belly and eye rakes Kelly’s eyes. Kelly immediately backs off of Nikki. Nikki begins climbing the cell.

King: “Oh No! Don’t go up the cell Nikki!”

Nikki ascends the cage and Kelly is right behind her as she climbs the cage behind her.

King: “No!!! Not you too Kelly!”

The two women get to the top of the cage as audience members are now on their feet cheering the women on.

Nikki’s at the top of the cage first and begins giving clubbing shots to the back of Kelly who had just barely made it to the top. Kelly is on all fours taking each shot from Nikki.

Nikki has Kelly in position for what she wanted to do earlier. She shoves Kelly between her legs and gets her ready for a powerbomb. The crowd gasps from what Nikki is trying to do.

Nikki’s lifts Kelly up so that Kelly’s crotch is in Nikki’s face. Nikki begins running and delivers a running powerbomb on the top of the cage. Kelly bounces on the top of the cage. She clutches the back of her head from the impact.

JR: “ OMG! thank goodness the cell didn’t collapse!”

King: “She’s trying to kill her!”

Nikki looks on at Kelly surprised she didn’t go through the cell. Nikki approaches Kelly now looking to do more damage. She gets Kelly to a seated position at the top of the cell. The crowd is still on their feet in suspense as the women battle atop the cage.

JR: “Oh no! Paige is now ascending the cell!”

Nikki still with a hold of Kelly’s hair atop the cage. Nikki flashes the audience a smirk as she knows she has all their attention on her. She holds Kelly’s head in position at her waist level. Nikki wants to show off her her rock hard body. Kelly is still dizzy from the running powerbomb. Nikki has her strong legs positions so that each leg is on the front of Kelly’s shoulder and the other is on the back of her shoulder. Her sweaty legs easily sliding against Kelly’s chest and back. Kelly’s head is positioned just ahead of Nikki’s privates her face facing Nikki.

Nikki first brings Kelly in with both hands gripping the back of Kelly’s head she puts Kelly’s face against her crotch as she begins doing her signature dance atop the cage hanging onto Kelly’s head; even using Kelly’s head to balance herself as she dances.

Nikki’s been wrestling for awhile so her trunks are warm and slightly wet from walking around and climbing the cage. In fact, her under is wedgied even more into her Nether regions from the climbing.

Kelly may very well have the most beautiful face to ever step through the ropes. But tonight Nikki is humping her perfect face.

Kelly is aware of her predicament now and is not happy about it. But her body aches from being slammed as she wraps her arms around the dancing Nikki, just gripping at Nikki’s waist, but trying to muster a shove but Nikki isn’t having any of it. Kelly at first felt Nikki was randomly humping her face but that’s not only the case. Kelly has noticed that Nikki is particularly grinding now her most dampest part of her trunks against her face. Nikki isn’t so much dancing anymore but just pushing her dampest region of her trunks against Kelly’s face. She appears to be getting off on this as Kelly begins falling backward from her seated position but Nikki is moving forward as much as Kelly is moving backward. Nikki’s eyes are closed as she appears to be in the middle of ecstasy as she begins to desperately hang onto Kelly’s head. Not wanting to stop what she’s doing to Kelly’s face. Nikki is rubbing herself using Kelly’s gorgeous face!

Nikki’s face is smashed backward by a second shuffle side kick straight to her face this time from a boot from Paige. Kelly is finally relinquished as she now lays atop the cell on her back. Paige grabs Nikki by her hair and drags her towards the side of the cell where the announce tables are below. Paige gets Nikki to her feet and gets her ready for a suplex. Paige lifts the heavy mass of Nikki but Nikki begins shaking her feet while in the air. Trying to loosen Paige’s grip on the suplex. After Nikki does so, she uses her strength to reverse the suplex and has Paige up in the air. And lands a jackhammer on Paige atop the cell. Paige is down. Nikki is on top of the worn out Paige. But Nikki’s tired. Nikki’s crawls towards the side of the cell and has decided she’s had enough. She begins descending the cell. She climbs slowly down.

Nikki can feel her hair being grabbed as she screams from the hair tug. Kelly is pulling Nikki’s hair! But Kelly looses her grip on Nikki’s hair as Nikki tries to get down the cell now. Kelly immediately begins climbing down the cell chasing after her rival. She angrily stomps the head of Nikki while she’s three quarters the way up the cell.

King: “These women are in No Man’s land!”

JR: “No Woman’s either!”

Nikki is taking undeniably heavy abuse but is holding on to the cage because her life may very well depend on it.

Kelly will not show mercy. Kelly stops kicking Nikki and slightly drops herself onto Nikki. Making sure that her knees lands first against the top of Nikki’s head. Kelly grabs onto the cell making sure she doesn’t fall. But the same can’t be said for Nikki.

Nikki couldn’t withstand the knee smash. Nikki is in mid air for what seems like an eternity for her. In reality her fall is about 20 feet away from the floor. But the bright lights she sees suddenly fade as she blows up the announce table with her body like an explosion. Items on the table flying in all directions as her body detonates the table.

The obligatory, HOLY SHIT! Chants echo throughout the arena.

The coldest part of Kelly shows no remorse for the fallen victim. Nikki lies on the table lifeless. Like a gathering of pigeons fighting amongst one another to get the last piece of bread thrown by a patron, refs and EMTs swarm the unconscious Nikki Bella. Brie Bella is among them trying to check on Nikki.

JR: “I really hate these cell matches, like Paige said on raw one of them isn’t walking out of here intact. The cell has condemned has now condemned the soul Nikki.” 😦

Paige has her hand on the back of Kelly’s head and she begins bouncing Kelly’s face on the cell like a basketball. Until she feels she’s rattled Kelly enough. Paige then tugs Kelly’s hair and guides her to the top of the cell. Paige gets Kelly successfully to the top of the cell and delivers a Paige-Turner to Kelly on top of the cell.

King: “She can’t pin her up there. She needs to get down!”

At this point Nikki is strapped to a gurney and being set up for deployment.

Paige like an emotionless soldier cares not for Nikki. She sets up Kelly for a PTO and with no one to stop her; applies all the pressure she wants to Kelly. Kelly’s is being pretzeled by Paige right now. As Paige keeps an eye on what’s being done to Nikki.

Nikki is being carried away from the arena.

Paige decides its time to make her move. She relinquishes Kelly from the PTO and climbs eagerly down the cell. She gets to the floor by the door opening of the cell where she’s met by the multitude of emts and Nikki. Paige desperately shoves them all one by one until she gets to Nikki. Paige takes the gurney and guides it towards the ring and slides the gurney with its passenger into the ring.

Nikki is strapped to the gurney. She couldn’t move even if she wasn’t strapped to the device.

Paige begins crawly over Nikki, like if she’s her lover. Her sexy pinning combination is met with a ref doing the count. She exotically takes the pinfall victory over the corpse of Nikki.

The cell is her house!

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      1. Whoa! You’re moving too fast to the end of phase 2!
        I had three phases in mind when I started writing these.
        Kelly hasn’t been pinned but neither has Paige. Kelly’s a good pick though lots of women are already booked for the four v four match.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Paige keeps her title not a fan of Paige. Wish Kelly would have won. But Kelly is still technically undefeated Paige pinned nikki

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was prolly the most physical match I wrote. Wanted to try something new with these women who’ve had success so far.
      But yea, Kelly’s technically unpinned. Nikki took her first big defeat tonight. What did you think of what Nikki did to her?
      Paige is still champ. Paige can’t be champ forever. There’s always been someone in mind who’s going to defeat her. Whether that’s someone who’s yet to debut or someone who’s already on the roster.


      1. Like Nikki doing that stuff to Kelly. I don’t really like Paige and was hoping Kelly was going to be the one to beat her and end Paige reign

        Liked by 1 person

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