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10 RAW WWE Champion Paige Opens Raw

Paige is already in the ring with a title on one shoulder and a mic in her hand.

She prepares to speak but then lowers the mic. The crowd boos her. She stands in the ring enjoying this moment. She looks around at the audience as they boo her. She sees women her age, women older than her, young kids just booing her and giving her the thumbs down sign. Some wave middle fingers at her.

Paige has never cared for what the audience has thought of her. She always played the beat to the tune of her own drum. Being booed tonight and all the angry faces in the audience made her realize something. They all hate that they’re not as successful as she is. They wish they were. They’re booing is a fuel for her to continue destroying their favorites. She wasn’t meant be be cheered. She’s the villain they need. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Paige raises the mic once more to speak to even louder boos. Paige laughs at the chorus of boos. She lowers the mic for a moment then raises it back up. Paige speaks over the booing.

“Another one… no… two… bit the dust last night!” The crowd begins Booing louder now and chanting, “U Suck! You Suck!”

“Oh quiet! You bunch of babies! Are you mad I ended some streaks, or was it the legend Destroyed, or her mini me I took out, or is it the employer I terminated, or the vampire I buried? Get this threw your damn heads… this is my fuckin house!”

Paige is interrupted by Stephanie McMahon’s theme.

She comes out with her muscle, Ashley Graham.

“Folks we gotta give it to this woman…” Stephanie points to the champ with her hand in the ring nonchalantly, “… this bitch continues to thrive.”

Paige looks on at Stephanie annoyed. Not happy she’s being interrupted. Paige interrupts, “Bloody Hell! If you had something to say to me Stephanie you can send an email, write a letter, send a text. Let me enjoy this moment for fucks sake!”

Stephanie continues, “Paige that suspension still hangs over your head when you loose. But I came out here because I wanted to tell you who your next challenger is. And since I know u don’t like me. I won’t interrupt your terrible segments anymore after this. But I wanted to announce something before I leave. This week I’m not choosing who you face at Survivor Series Paige, the people will! On the tron above there are superstars and the fans can pick who they want to see face Paige at SS. You can pick Anna, Kelly, Robbie, Angelica, and heck I threw in Torrie Wilson because she’s undefeated too. If she’s chosen she will be replaced in the survivor series battle at SS. I also hear she she likes using opponents like toilet paper and since you look like toilet paper Paige maybe you can help her out.”

Paige disrupts, “I noticed there’s a name missing on that list Stephanie. Why don’t you put your name on that list so I can kick your arse!” Surprisingly, some in the audience cheer this potential match up.

Ashley steps in front of Stephanie, raising her chin up. Looking for a fight.

Stephanie calms Ashley down. Stephanie raises the mic, “careful champ. And to the rest of you, voting ends Friday 10/18.” Stephanie puts the mic on the ground and takes her muscle with her.

Paige, “Time and place honey, we can settle this.” Some in the crowd cheer this.

Paige is used to being hated and booed and loves it. But something inside of her sparked. It felt kinda good to have the audience behind her for once. Even if it was just for a moment.

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    1. Lol Paige has kept order in the division. Everyone is pretty much after her and it might be too much for her. She’s held her own during tough times and it might tougher with Stephanie breathing down her neck.


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