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10 RAW Torrie Wilson Vs Angelina Love

Torrie Wilson comes to the ring solo. Angelina comes out with her crew at the stage. She tells them to stay in the back. That she’s got this.

Angelina heads down the ramp for a fight with the muscle of Ariel’s Angels.

Torrie and Angelina square off in the ring in what many in the audience would consider a dream match up.

Torrie is all smiles and confident as she looks to continue her winning streak.

Angelina is looking to make a name for herself on Torrie. Angelina wants to take this one home.

Torrie and Angelina lock up in the ring. Torrie backs Angelina up to the corner. The ref does a count warning Torrie to back off. She let’s go of Love and licks her hand. Angelina looks up at Torrie confused. Torrie drops a wallop *SMACK* to Angelina with her saliva covered hand. Smacking the taste of Angelina’s mouth. Causing the audience to groan because they feel like they were smacked with how hard that was.

Angelina shoves Torrie down to the mat hard. Torrie lands on her butt. Angelina runs towards Torrie and gives a knee smash to Torrie knocking her down to the mat. Angelina with a cover. 1… Torrie wasn’t expecting the offensive maneuver… 2…. Torrie kicks out.

Angelina gets Torrie by her hair and helps her to her feet. Torrie pushes Angelina off of her and gives her a standing beautiful drop kick. Angelina stumbles to the corner turnbuckle. Torrie walks on over to Angelina and lifts her to the top turnbuckle so that Angelina is sitting atop the turnbuckle. Angelina rakes Torrie’s eyes. Torrie immediately backs off of Angelina. Angelina then gets to a standing position on the turnbuckle and is waiting to get Torrie’s attention. Torrie walks towards the ropes blindly and collapses on the top rope causing the turnbuckle to shake. Angelina loses her balance and falls to the mat hard. Torrie sees this. She gets in front of Angelina and helps her up and delivers a face buster bouncing Angelina’s face off the mat. Torrie with the hook of the leg. 1… this one looks like it’s over folks. 2…. Angelina is still down. Is she getting up???? And it’s a …3 no!

Torrie wins this match building momentum for her faction. Torrie gets up and the ref raises her arm. Torrie points to the bottom turnbuckle where Angelina had fallen. And she gives the “back it up” sign.

Beautiful people and Carrie come running out and reach into the ring to grab Angelina. They take her body and begin carrying her out of the arena. Protecting her from Torrie.

Torrie laughs at the beautiful people protecting their woman. “You better vote for me to fight Paige so you don’t get these cheeks!” As Torrie smacks her own ass.

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