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Margot eagerly approaches Kelly who’s sitting in the locker room by herself. Kelly has her hands covering her face with her head down. Kelly seems unhappy.

Margot approaches Kelly, “Is it ok if I ask you a few questions Kelly?”

Without lifting her head Kelly nods.

Margot, “Kelly, last night at Hell in a Cell Paige retained her title effectively ending both you and Nikki’s winning streaks. But fortunately, you have a chance to get one more match with Paige any thoughts on what may be a one-on-one match with Paige for the title? And is there anything you want to say to the WWE Universe to gather support for a title match?

Kelly lifts her head up to address Margot. “I had my shot against Paige last night and I failed my mission. I desperately wanted to win that match. It’s never been about wins and losses for me. I started here when I was only 19. I was thinking differently back then. Now, me being here, is about showing the world I am deserving of competing on that stage. It’s about telling everyone that I should be here. I’ve worked hard to improve my craft and be the best and not just be considered another diva that got this job for being a model. I’ve worked to shed that image and me winning that title validates what I worked so hard for. Me becoming champion will make this journey for me complete. That I’ve conquered the hardest challenge there is in this business. Now at HIAC Nikki took advantage of me in that match and she got to me. She made me feel like people are here to see me just for something other that for how much I’ve changed. She can have the sexual image. I’m here for more. Unfortunately, I lost my cool and well you don’t see her around here… I might have just ended her career…”

Kelly sounding hopeful as she continues talking, “…But if I can make something out of what happened to her I hope it can be me winning the title. If the fans are kind enough to give me one more chance, just one more opportunity to fight Paige and let me prove that this girl is more that just a pretty face then I will end Paige’s reign!”

Margot, “Thank you so much Kelly! I thought you were going to win that match too last night. Good luck tonight :)!” Margot addresses the Camera, for those hoping for a word from Anna she’s not here tonight. She’s not known for being much of a talker but she lets her physique do the talking.”

10 RAW War Room

The competing factions at this year’s SS match were given war rooms so they can strategize their upcoming match.

Carrie is first to speak, “Love lost the match! We need to figure out how to defeat the Angels or were going to be slaughtered!”

“The second match is later tonight and it’s their turn to choose who’s going against me.” Velvet said.

Carrie, “Next week I’m going to be in action and it’s against whomever doesn’t compete tonight.”

“We destroyed Brandi girls we can defeat them. We’ve only just grown in numbers.” Madison says.

“We need to grow more. Either we adapt or evolution passes us by.” Carrie replies.

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